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"A review of Prolog Logic Logical deduction"


A review of Prolog Logic Logical deduction

A review of Prolog Logic Logical deduction Logic Programming Syntax Syntax (cont) Prolog Statements Program structure Prog. structure (cont) Unification Unification examples Unification (cont) Subst..
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Prolog Programming slides written by
Prolog Programming slides written by Dr W.F. Clocksin The Plan An example program Syntax of terms Some simple programs Terms as data structures, unification The Cut Writing real programs What is Pro..
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PROLOG Modified last on Nov 30, 2010 Great tutorial at
.. n as an Interpreted Project (which automatically calls the listener and consults the .pro files in your project) or select a single file and choose Run as Single Prolog File Type in your queries ..
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Module #1: The Fundamentals of Logic - Rosen, 1.1-1.4 In ..
.. express Boolean truth table, with any number of columns, as follows. Look for the cases where the last (result) column is T. For each such row in the truth table, include a corresponding term in ..
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Prolog is a logic-based language
.. not be proved. Backtrack to parent(Who, X) and use father(john, bill) fact next. Instantiate Who=john, X= bill and try to satisfy second subgoal, parent( ron). Success; because father(bill, ron) ..
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Prolog Prolog is a declarative language
.. all: there exists: Quantifiers and predicates extend the expressive power: x if Parent(x) HasChild(x) In Prolog, quantifiers are implied: Parent(X) :- HasChild(X) This is equivalent to the previo..
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Logic - Propositional Logic
.. will look: contemporaries(beethoven,mozart) :- composer(beethoven,B1,D1), composer(mozart,B2,D2), beethoven \== mozart, ... Facts : composer(beethoven,1770,1827). composer(mozart,1756,1790). Rule..
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Logical Fallacies What is a Fallacy?
.. invalid, insufficient or disconnected Hasty Generalization an inference drawn from insufficient evidence Faulty Causality (post hoc ergo propter hoc: after this, therefore because of this) assumi..
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Reductio Ad Absurdum In formal logic, the reductio ad ..
.. to overwhelm its audience with nonsensical arguments, as a way of confusing the audience and drowning out legitimate opposing arguments. It is thus a kind of logical fallacy: OJ Satire of reuduct..
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Genealogy Prolog Pro
.. necessary testing before you use write, nl, assert, or retract Modeling real life Real life isn't monotonic; things change Prolog is superb for modeling change Games are often a model of real (or..
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Prolog Propositional calculus and predicate calculus are ..
.. Assume H= car T= cdr L= [a, b, c] Tail = [b, c] These are valid equivalences L = [a | Tail] L = [a | [b,c]] L = [a, b | [c]] L = [a, b, c | [ ]] Using the built-in headoflist(X, [X | Tail]). ?-he..
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Programming Knowledge with Frames and Logic
.. ?V[?Z ?W], ?W[abc Or, in one molecule: ?Z, ?Y ?Q]]] Nested Molecules Nested molecules are broken apart (as we have seen) But what is the ordering? important since evaluation is left-to-right Mole..
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Philosophy 103 Linguistics 103 Yet, still, Even further More
.. an Argument Sample Argument: Socrates is mortal because all men are mortal Standard form isolates and lists ALL premises. All men are mortal (given premise) Socrates is a man (implied premise) ..
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to Critical Thinking / Logic Critical thinking is a domain-..
.. and from this point of view they wished to judge the world of reality. This is why Socrates rose against them and established once and for all the fact that true knowledge means knowing through c..
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Love and Logic A.W. Atkinson, MD
.. to be delivered immediately. Take time to develop a plan. Include the student in the development of the consequence by using the problem solving steps. Examples: When a student is writing on the ..
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Program Design Programming Logic and Design, Second Edition,..
.. be carried out in a specific order on the same data Sequential cohesion is a slightly weaker type of cohesion than functional cohesion because even though the module might perform a variety of ta..
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First-Order Logic Propositional logic is
.. and x is old may have arms. HasArms(x) there exist an x such that x is a mammal and x has arms disjunction Old(Neal)) Old(John)) Old(22) ) results in a weak statement true if there is anything th..
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Fuzzy Logic, Neutrosophic Logic, and Applications
.. log-based formula as was derived by Benford: P (First significant digit = d) = log10 [1 + (1/d)] 9.4. Computational Algorithm (first proposed by Kumar and Bhattacharya in 2002): Define a finite s..
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Oliver Schulte Inference in First-Order Logic
.. ideas to all sentences in KB to convert into CNF Also need to include negated query Then use resolution to attempt to derive the empty clause which show that the query is entailed by the KB Probl..
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Using Logic with ColdFusion Conditional Processing
.. to ( An inspection of truth tables shows them as logically same. If ( is false, is true and is false. ) is false, ( A) is false and is false. Therefore is true. All other cases are true! We might..
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Authentic Parenting Becoming a Love and Logic Parent
.. me, but he just doesn't care. He just keeps interrupting me while I'm on the phone! I used the Energy Drain technique, but it didn't work either! Her skillful Love and Logic facilitator asked an ..
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