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ABDOMINAL PAIN IN PREGNANCY MR SUSHANTA BHADRA MD MRCOG WEXHAM PARK HOSPITALS SEPTEMBER 2004 A 22 yr old para 1 with 6-8 wks gestation presents with abdominal pain. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING OF ? The hi..
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.. depending on gestation. Mx of Ectopic Pregnancy Medical with Methotrexate with or without folinic acid. Surgical laparotomy and laparoscopy salpingostomy and salpingiectomy Follow up and prognosi..
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Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy
.. attempted abortion Pain felt in both iliac fossae & is continuous There is associated tenderness,tachycardia and elevated temperature,culture of discharge may reveal pathogens Acute retention of ..
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Abdominal Pain
Where is your pain? Has it always been there? Does the pain radiate anywhere? How did the pain begin (sudden vs. gradual onset)? How long have you had the pain? What were you doing when the pain beg..
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The Acute Abdomen: Is it or Isn't it?
.. bowel pathology Pain waking the patient at night Immunocompromised, prev abd'l surgery Abnormal vital signs Case 1 - RUQ Varies from gallstones without sx to biliary colic to acute cholecystitis ..
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Intern Survival Series Dr. Mehta July 6
.. 0.9 UA Normal Negative for fat cells Sputum culture Occasional lipid droplets and lipid - containing macrophages present. No bacterial growth. CT scan of chest Normal, No pulmonary embolism. Ches..
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OB/GYN Emergencies
.. Occasionally cysts develop independent of ovulation Trauma to woman's external genitalia can be difficult to treat Need to maintain patient's modesty Rich network of nerves in external genitalia ..
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Class 22 (Abdominal Pain and OB/GYN)
Class 22 (Abdominal Pain and OB/GYN) Ch14 & Ch20 (1 of 2) (2 of 2) of an ulcer Gallstones that lead to inflammation (cholecystitis) Inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) Inflammation or infect..
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Acute abdominal pain
.. shoulder tip pain. O/E distressed lying still tachcardia normotensive Case 3 ?Lipase Erect chest ?CT Hb 13.9 WCC 15000 Normal biochem. Free gas Only present in 70-80% perforated ulcers Analgesia ..
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An Approach to Abdominal Pain in the ED
.. including facial expression, diaphoresis, pallor, and degree of agitation to distinguish the intensity of the pain Vital signs Inspection: look for distention, ecchymosis, scars, hernias Ausculta..
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Abdominal Pain: Systematic Approach
.. doppler Computed Tomography Revolutionized acute care Often better than we are! Always right to start with ABC's IV access Fluid administration Antiemetics Analgesics Directed testing and imaging..
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Approach to Abdominal Pain
.. leukocytosis with elevated AP and bilirubin Imaging may show ductal dilation from stone Treatment is antibiotics (GN), ERCP Fever, RUQ pain, Murphy's sign, rebound tenderness Labs with leukocytos..
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Acute Abdominal Pain In Children
.. appreciated with auscultation. In occasional patients, the contrast material does not reflux freely into the small bowel even with a complete reduction, but no filling defect in the cecum is pres..
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Abdominal Pain in Children
.. Diagnostic criteria for functional gastrointestinal disorders ROME Classifications 1989 Working Team Report 1995 ROME I 2000 ROME II In use 2006 ROME III At least 12 weeks of abd. Discomfort or p..
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Abdominal Pain: Approach
.. with leukocytosis and left shift, often NORMAL LFTs Imaging with GB wall thickening, maybe gallstones pericholecystic fluid, sonographic Murphy's HIDA may also be helpful Treatment is antibiotics..
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The Normal Pregnancy Gravidity number of pregnancies
.. information obtained from animal studies A no risk per human controlled studies B studies have not shown risk, but no human controlled studies C No studies available or animal studies revealed ri..
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Possible signs of pregnancy are A missed period
.. tests can be done to confirm the findings. The two main diagnostic tests are amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling Task ~ find out what these are and why they are done. Normally done at 15-..
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Normal Pregnancy Fall 2011 Amie Bedgood RN, MSN
.. are completed with Mr. and Mrs. Andrews first prenatal visit. Before they leave, it is important to discuss the following topics: Patient Teaching Diet Counseling Referrals Danger Signals Date of..
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Vaginal Bleeding and Abdominal Pain in the Non-Pregnant ..
.. to confirm FOC Adhesions may form causing chronic pain Physical exam may show diffuse or localized tenderness Ultrasound may show endometriomas Diagnosis is made with laparoscopy Therapy is hormo..
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Symptoms and Signs in Acute Abdominal Pain
.. are subtle unique to immunocompromised host (neutropenic enterocolitis, GVH, CMV infections, KS, lymphoma/leukemia obstruction) Chronic Abdominal Pain 15% of population complain of recurrent chro..
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Primary Care: Abdominal Pain & Gastroenteritis
.. usually in ant duodenal bulb Acute abdomen with peritonitis CXR with free intraperitoneal air under diaphragm GYN Ovarian torsion PID/TOA Abd pain lasting > 6 months Differentiate organic pain fr..
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