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"Adolescent Reproductive Health Data"


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Adolescent Reproductive Health Data [Get PPT]
Adolescent Reproductive Health Data Objectives By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to: Discuss trends in adolescent reproductive health Characterize patterns in ..

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Need for Adolescent Care [Get PPT]
.. environment for - acquiring knowledge, building literacy and thinking skills. Offer a setting for health screening and services. In least developed countries 13% girls and 22% boys enroll for sec..
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Adolescent Pregnancy Worldwide about 14 million adolescent .. [Get PPT]
.. no complications. In some urban areas unmarried adolescents represent the majority of all abortion seekers. In developing countries, the risk of death following unsafe abortions is several hundre..
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Men, Reproductive Health [Get PPT]
Men, Reproductive Health NPP, RCH2 NRHM History of Male Participation in Reproductive Health India Old - Much before Cairo Men participated in Post Independence Nation building by participating in F..
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What is the Reproductive Health Bill 5043? [Get PPT]
.. reproductive health and sexual rights, abstinence before marriage, and responsible sexuality The Transmission of Human Life is the Most Serious Role of Married People There will be no compromise ..

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Poverty Reduction: Does Reproductive Health Matter? [Get PPT]
.. 1. Early childbearing 2. Maternal mortality and morbidity 3. Unintended, mistimed pregnancy & large family size Early childbearing Maternal mortality and morbidity Unintended, mistimed pregnancy,..
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Misoprostol In Reproductive Health [Get PPT]
.. 800 g sublingually 3-hourly x3( side effect)? Missed Abortion Up to 12 weeks 800 g 3-hourly x2 600 g sublingually 3-hourly x2 1st Trimester Incomplete Abortion (0-12 Weeks) 600 g orally..
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.. mean the difference between life and death. Men can help by arranging for a trained attendant to be available for the delivery and by paying for the services. They also can arrange ahead of time ..
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Community-Based Reproductive Health: the only way to go [Get PPT]
.. to 6 percent, three years after foyer participation (Dubuisson, 1993) Weight for Age Z-score gain between entry in hearth and follow-up between 2-6 mo. was 0.34 (1997, Wand evaluation) PD behavio..
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Common Reproductive Concerns & Menopause [Get PPT]
.. not persist after stopping RX The combined oral contraceptive pill Reduces average MBL by 40 50 per cent 70 80 per cent of patients benefit Few side effects Avoid in women aged >35 who are cigare..
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What is an Adolescent Medicine .. [Get PPT]
.. of being in MVA Driver error is responsible 75-80% Fatalities Contrary to popular belief a typical homicide involves: Two young males of the same race who know each other, The influence of alcoho..
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Teaching our Adolescents about Vaccine Preventable Diseases .. [Get PPT]
.. what s called Immunologic Memory so the body remembers how it fought off the weakened or killed versions and uses it against live versions Start with Four HPV Meningitis Tdap: Lockjaw (Tetanus), ..
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Adolescent Medicine [Get PPT]
.. alkinization may increase the 1/2-life to over 33 hours Lack of specificity of screening test makes confirmatory test essential Toxidromes Sedative-Hypnotic Anticholinergic Sympathomimetic Cholin..
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HIV in Primary care [Get PPT]
.. between ART and other meds STD s and HIV STD s increase the risk for HIV transmission (giving and getting) by 3-5 times. Especially Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, Syphilis. We need..
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Reproductive Life Planning [Get PPT]
.. surface and clips or rubber rings are used to seal the tubes Fimbriectomy - removal of fimbria at the distal end of tubes Surgical Methods cont'd Effect on Enjoyment - significantly eliminates th..
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Integrating Gender Into Reproductive Health Interventions: .. [Get PPT]
.. provide instrumental support to their wives than emotional or FP support. Logistic regression analysis revealed that counseled husbands were 1.5 times more likely to provide higher than average i..
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Reproductive Organ Changes Uterus [Get PPT]
.. use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs First Trimester Uncertainty Incorporation and integration of the fetus as an integral part of the woman. Ambivalence Self as primary focus Baby not ..
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Reproductive Health, Fertility, and Economic Development [Get PPT]
.. fixed effects and country specific time trends Changes in the law are discontinuous while we assume underlying social forces are continuous Changes in the law often decided by individual personal..
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9-10 2003 9 [Get PPT]
.. does not usually inhibit ovulation, but the pregnancy rate and the ectopic rate are extremely low, suggesting that a primary endometrial effect as the mechanism of action is unlikely. The endomet..

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Reproductive Healthcare for Adolescents [Get PPT]
.. contraceptives before the test is performed. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the American Cancer Society (ACS), and the American College of Obstetrics (ACOG), routine pap smears..

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