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"Altruism Norm of reciprocity"


Altruism Norm of reciprocity

Altruism Norm of reciprocity We should help, not harm those, who have helped us. And we expect the same behavior from others. More likely in sustained relationships than in one time encounters (make..
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Altruism Reading on Reserve
Altruism Reading on Reserve Questions to be Addressed What is Altruism? What motivates people to help others? Are differences in the tendency to help others learned? What kind of prosocial moral rea..
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cost less ish
cost less ish Arousal-cost reward (Piliavin & Piliavin) Others distress causes arousal which we are motivated to reduce Can reduce arousal by either helping the person or walking away from the situa..
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Reciprocal Altruism Elbert Lim
.. as a result, is greater between relatives than between unrelated individuals. Hamilton hypothesis: in order for altruistic behavior to occur, the benefits, even among kin, must outweigh the cost ..
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Altruism and prosocial behavior
Altruism and prosocial behavior Origins of prosocial behavior Offering toys (12-18 months) Reciprocity (by 36 months) Sympathy Prosocial behavior increases with age and cognitive development Cogniti..
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Motivation, Altruism and Effort
.. reasons, or because of future matching / opportunities, that will depend on one's reputation? How can principals (e.g., employers) screen agents according to their level of motivation? Are low wa..
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Empathy-Altruism Model (Batson)
Empathy-Altruism Model (Batson) Empathic Concern Scale (Davis, 1983) Reverse items 3,6,9,12,16, 19, 20, 25, 27 Components of Empathy: Items 1-7: Fantasy Items 8-14: Perspective taking Items 15-21: E..
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Social Psychology by David G. Myers 9
Social Psychology by David G. Myers 9 th Edition Helping Social norms The reciprocity norm The social-responsibility norm Gender and receiving help Number of Bystanders Noticing Interpreting Assumin..
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Mexican Mutualistas To provide cultural events related to ..
Mexican Mutualistas To provide cultural events related to the Chicano/Mexicano community To create an ethnic social and cultural environment To organize collectively in order to combat: Racial discr..
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Social Exchange Theory
.. contingencies from operant learning theory to social behavior. Peter Blau recognized that social structures have emergent properties not found in individual elements identified the norm of recipr..
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Bell Ringer Describe a time you felt that you were ..
.. is an unjustifiable (usually negative) attitude toward a group and its members. Prejudice is often directed towards different cultural, ethnic, or gender groups. OBJECTIVE 13 | Identify three com..
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Cooperative Alliances What Good Are Friends?
.. or someone who does a favor because it will benefit him/her? Can you think of ways that the having an alliance with the person who expects something in return could be good? Costly Signaling Disp..
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Pro & Anti Social Behaviour.
.. How can I help? ( Yes What should I do? If at any point the bystander cannot answer yes he walks away from the situation. Bystander Decision Model...evaluation. Several reasons why bystanders do ..
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VERBAL JUDO Police Department
.. the art of selecting the lest means of verbal appeal in a situation Ethical = Professional Rational = Reasonableness their sense of reason Practical = Situational e.g. humor Personal = Needs vs. ..
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The Evolution of Social Behavior Behavioral Ecology and ..
.. the costs and benifits. Choosing between possible solutions (STRATEGIES) to problems using the gathered inputs and filling in the blanks when information is incomplete. Attaching appropriate emot..
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Why Do People Help? Prosocial Behavior
.. speech was to helping. Pluralistic ignorance is the phenomenon whereby bystanders assume that nothing is wrong in an emergency because no one else looks concerned. This greatly interferes with th..
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Proximity Interpersonal rewards
.. to an extreme) Leaders exert great influence over a group Leaders have differing styles: Autocratic leader makes the decisions Democratic leader allows the group to make decisions but is also inv..
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SS200: Social preferences
.. et al) Benabou-Tirole REStud 03 Workers infer task difficulty or skill from wage offer ( overjustification , self-perception , looking glass self ) Worker exerts effort 0,1, cost is c in [c c*] W..
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SS200: Social preferences
.. more than unrelated (grey) for maternal sibs only (top) but not for paternal sibs (bottom) Sobel JEL arguments & counterarguments: Restricting theory to use only a subset of available tools is no..
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Soc 100 C6 Social Interaction and Social Groups
.. my child with her science project from 6 until 11 last night. This morning I found a picture she had drawn placed with my class notes as her thanks. What would sociologist call this exchange? Qui..
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