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"An Introduction to Metabolism"


An Introduction to Metabolism [Get PPT]
An to Metabolism Important Point: Metabolism (Overview) 1 st & 2 nd Laws of Thermodynamics Organisms are Energy Transducers Water Fall Analogy Movements Toward Equilibrium Entropy! Free Energy & Spo..
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Metabolism Many xenobiotics undergo chemical .. [Get PPT]
.. Many enzymes are particularly abundant in the liver. Subcellular drug-metabolizing enzymes are located in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER). Types of Biotransformation Reactions Basically, t..
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Metabolism and Energy Pathways [Get PPT]
Metabolism and Energy Pathways Chemical Reactions in the Body Metabolic reactions take place inside of cells, especially liver cells. Anabolism is the building up of body compounds and requires ener..
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AA Metabolism [Get PPT]
AA Metabolism
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Fat Metabolism I'm not fat, I've just got a lot of .. [Get PPT]
Fat Metabolism I'm not fat, I've just got a lot of potential energy! http://courses.cm.utexas.edu/emarcotte/ch339k/fall2005/Lecture-Ch17-1/Slide2.JPG Chylomicron Carriers Can mobilize from adipose R..
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Lipid metabolism Pavla Bal nov [Get PPT]
.. acid + ATP + CoA > Acyl-CoA + PP i + AMP Transfer of acyl-CoAs from cytoplasm to the mit. matrix is performed by a carnitine transporter Figure is found on http://web.indstate.edu/thcme/mwking/fa..
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Vitamins and Vitamin-Like Substances [Get PPT]
.. demonstrated to be required in the diet. Coenzyme Q deficiency associated with specific genetic diseases. P -aminobenzoic acid is not accepted as a vitamin. Role in Pathways Neurotransmitter Over..
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Medical Biochemistry Metabolism with Clinical Correlations [Get PPT]
.. (forming the chyle) transported to the thoracic duct, to the left subclavian vein where they enter into the blood. USE OF DIETARY LIPIDS BY THE TISSUES TAG in the chylomicrons are degraded to fre..
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.. - 90 mg/dl A single determination of glycemia has no diagnostical significance. The test has to be repeated. Physiological variations In new born: the glycemia is decreasing in the first hours of..
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Metabolism All chemical reactions within organisms that .. [Get PPT]
.. and carbon-dioxide is released. Electrons and hydrogen ions from glycolysis and the Krebs cycle are transferred by NADH and FADH to the ETS. Electrons are transferred to oxygen to form oxygen ion..
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Metabolism of Lipids [Get PPT]
.. is reduced to an aldehyde and then to an alcohol NADPH serves as reductant in the 2-step reaction. Mevaldehyde is thought to be an active site intermediate, following the first reduction and rele..
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Glycogen Metabolism Purpose [Get PPT]
.. of the inner membrane, FA is transferred to carnitine (releasing CoASH to the cytosol) in a reaction catalyzed by carnitine acyltransferase I (CATI) (aka Carnitine Palmitoyl TransferaseI, or CPTI..
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Metabolic Pathways How cells derive energy from organic fuel [Get PPT]
.. ATP. Again, for your exam, you will need to know all 3 metabolic pathways. You need to know what you start with and what you finish with for these pathways. You also need to know where in the cel..
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Drug Metabolism [Get PPT]
.. Additional Effects on Drug Metabolism Species Differences Major differences in different species have been recognized for many years (R.T. Williams). Phenylbutazone half-life is 3 h in rabbit, ~6..
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Vitamin D and Influenza Warfighter Nutrition: Advanced .. [Get PPT]
.. vitamin D is obtained from the sun. How much vitamin D do service members get? No one knows. War fighters may get sufficient sun exposure, or their protective clothing may effectively keep them o..
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Factors that Affect Enzymes [Get PPT]
.. oxidation of methanol is slowed down so that the toxic by-products do not have a chance to accumulate. Inhibitor binds to site other than active site allosteric site allosteric inhibitor regulati..
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Protein Metabolism On-going, semicontinuous activity in all .. [Get PPT]
Protein Metabolism On-going, semicontinuous activity in all cells but rate varies greatly between tissues K s (%/d) Tissue Pig Steer Liver Gut Muscle 23 45 5 21 39 2 = fraction of tissue protein syn..
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Microbial Growth and Growth control [Get PPT]
Microbial Growth and Growth control Macronutrients 95% or more of cell dry weight is made up of a few major elements: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magn..
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Protein metabolism Uses [Get PPT]
Protein metabolism Uses nucleotides adrenaline Amino acid catabolism carbohydrates fats Deamination The removal of the amino groups of all twenty amino acids begins with the transfer of amino groups..
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Metabolism Metabolism: refers to the entire network of .. [Get PPT]
.. protein and CHO in the diet as fuel, the less fat is used as fuel. When protein is eaten in excess, it first replaces daily protein losses, then begins to increase its own oxidation, or breakdown..
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