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"Approach to patient with chronic diarrhea"


Approach to patient with chronic diarrhea [Get PPT]
Approach to patient with chronic diarrhea Presented By Ali Alghamdi Medical Student Definition A decrease in fecal consistency for >4 weeks American Gastroenterological Association Types and risk fa..

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Diarrhea Part II: The Immunosuppressed Patient [Get PPT]
Diarrhea Part II: The Immunosuppressed Patient FOR SOME WEIRD REASON Review The Bug Parade Usual pathogens Opportunistic pathogens Weird pathogens Organ Transplants Bottom line: call attending and/o..
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Metabolic Acidosis and Congenital Diarrhea [Get PPT]
.. urine implies RTA-1 provision serum HCO will be increased but not to the normal range and Ur-pH will increase gradually Hypokalemia: all filtered K is fully reabsorbed in PT >> urine K is complet..
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GASTROENTEROLOGY OBJECTIVES Upon completion, the student .. [Get PPT]
.. yearly Mortality of 10%, reasons: Increasing age of population with associated medical problems Over-the-counter treatments, until problem becomes severe Six major identifiable causes of upper GI..
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Diarrhea and constipation Phil Ukrainetz, MD, PGY5 [Get PPT]
.. of a needle at 25 feet Doc! 25 yr o/w healthy recently returned from Mexico. In his colon he smuggled a friend called shigella back into Canada. Well hydrated, no blood in stool - just having to ..
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Pathogens causing diarrhoea Diarrhoea [Get PPT]
.. Mechanisms and causes Mechanism Examples Preformed Toxin B. cereus, S. aureus ETEC, V. cholerae C. difficile, E. coli O157:H7, Shigella dysenteriae Enteroadherence Cryptosporidium EPEC, EAEC, Gia..

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The Poisoned Patient Core Clerkship in Emergency Medicine [Get PPT]
.. with altered mental status) Get the best history possible Often unreliable or unobtainable from patient Rely on EMS, bystanders, family members and other physicians Psychiatric files Obtain bottl..

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 Patient Who Smokes: What to Do? [Get PPT]
.. process likely involving CYP2A6 and aldehyde oxidase. Cotinine is further metabolized to 3 -hydroxycotinine, which undergoes renal elimination. However, nicotine, cotinine, and 3 -hydroxycotinine..
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David J Leehey, M.D. Professor of Medicine [Get PPT]
.. of stones vs. calcium excretion 24h calcium (mg/day) Risk 1.00 150-199 1.52 200-249 1.84 250-299 1.93 300-349 2.68 >350 4.94 Urinary risk factors for calcium stones Hypercalciuria 61 percent, inc..

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.. of respiratory failure requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation Warning Signs of Severe Asthma Hypoxemia (pO2 < 60) Hypercarbia (pCO2 > 45) and acidosis (pH < 7.35) Change in mental status..
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.. Mental Status Alteration of mental status is the hallmark of CNS injury or illness. Can vary from minor to unconsciousness. This is a state in which the patient cannot be aroused, even by powerfu..
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Peeing is a wonderful thing Acute Hemodialysis [Get PPT]
.. requirements Access Bleeding Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation Cramping Ongoing assessments are the integral data How do the bedside assessments affect the management of the patient? The dialysis ..

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Chronic Visceral Ischemia [Get PPT]
.. multiple complications UCSF, 1991 (Cunningham) Usually works because lesions represent overflow disease Distal disease (SMA) Antegrade Bypass Lower morbidity (less extensive surgery) 95.8% 1 year..
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.. second RN to get the drug, not even including the time it takes the drug to kick in), Most nursing homes are NOT staffed to be able to give any prn drugs. Low-dose, short-acting opioids Tylenol #..
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Should patients in chronic pain be allowed whatever pain .. [Get PPT]
.. plant may have a synergistic effect with THC. Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in the United States. A dry, shredded green/brown mix of flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves of the ..

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Family Violence: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) [Get PPT]
.. you ever been hurt or threatened by your partner? Do you ever feel afraid of (controlled or isolated by) your partner? (sample follow-up questions) Has the violence gotten worse or scarier? Is it..

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Practical Approaches Towards Improving Patient Outcomes for .. [Get PPT]
.. laxatives according to response prior to changing to an alternative laxative When laxative therapy is inadequate, consider methylnaltrexone A Role for Peripheral opioid Receptor Antagonists? Meth..
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A 10 y/o patient was admitted because of high fever .. [Get PPT]
.. the United States. Vaccination is indicated for travelers to endemic areas, persons with intimate exposure The following 3 typhoid vaccines are used: Vi capsular polysaccharide (ViCPS) antigen va..
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General Approach to the Poisoned Patient [Get PPT]
.. Acute vs chronic toxicity Acute: more GI symptoms, serum levels may be higher Chronic: fewer GI effects, more serious presentation, even if levels lower than acute LI DX Be suspicious in any pati..
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TB and the Elderly Patient Beth Gadkowski MD MPH MS [Get PPT]
.. 2008;50: 263-267. Korzeniewska-Kosela M et al. Tuberculosis in Young Adults and the Elderly. Chest 1994;106:28-32. Lee JH et al. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Problems of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in E..

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Nur 4206 The Patient with Digestive Disorders [Get PPT]
.. once stabilized Wound healing by secondary intention w/packing and irrigation Upon discharge, teach patient Proper handwashing Wound care may require home health nurse Reporting fever, unusual dr..
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