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BIAYA MODAL (COST OF CAPITAL) By : NIDIA ANGGRENI DAS, SE.,MM PENGERTIAN BIAYA MODAL Biaya modal (Cost of Capital) adalah biaya riil yang harus dikeluarkan oleh perusahaan utk memperoleh dana baik y..
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Cost of Capital Cost of Capital Defined
.. income above $75,000 If corporation earned $50,000 before taxes, both average and marginal tax rates are 15%. At $60,000, average tax rate is 16.7% and marginal tax rate is 25%. Above $75,000, ma..
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Capital Costs versus Operating Costs
Capital Costs versus Operating Costs Lecture No.20 Contemporary Engineering Economics Copyright 2006 When only costs are involved, the AE method is called the annual equivalent cost Revenues must co..
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Decoupling Impacts Cost Capital
Decoupling Impacts on the Cost of Capital Presented to NASUCA Annual Convention James A. Rothschild Rothschild Financial Consulting Wilton, Connecticut 06897 (203) 762-3090 November 17, 2008 Questio..
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REVISION Week 14 Exam Structure
REVISION Week 14 Exam Structure CVP Analysis Exercise 2-42 (Page 74) Measurement of Cost Behaviour Exercise 3- 48 (Page 119) Cost Management Systems & ABC Product A B Output in units Costs per unit ..
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Capital Budgeting Capital budgeting
.. $1,240 Use estimate of 41% to get closer to zero. NPVa = $290 Investment of $100,000 at 41% annual compound rate of return allows withdrawal of that investment as a cash flow of $50,000 at end of..
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Capital Budgeting and Cost Analysis
Capital Budgeting and Cost Analysis Six stages of Capital Budgeting Cash flows: annual savings 926 $92,600 $100,000 857 85,700 794 79,400 735 73,500 681 68,100 Present value of future inflows $399,3..
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Noncontact modal testing of hard-drive suspensions using ..
.. Ultrasound focused only on suspension, so little excitation of supports High Frequency Ultrasound Excitation Current resonance testing of suspensions to 20 kHz Limited by 20 kHz upper limit of me..
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Two Dimension of Cost Analysis
Two Dimension of Cost Analysis Six Stages in Capital Budgeting: Continued Information-Acquisition Stage consider the expected costs and benefits of alternative capital investments Selection Stage ch..
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Slides by Matthew Will Geothermal's Cost of Capital
.. Growth Model = e Expected Return on Preferred Stock Price of Preferred Stock = preferred Expected return Interest rate Proportion of on equity (%) on debt (%) Equity (E/V) Debt (D/V) WACC (%) Mkt..
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Understand the basic cost of capital concept and the ..
.. that the dividend valuation model (unlike the CAPM) can easily be adjusted for flotation costs when estimating the cost of new equity. This will be demonstrated in the examples that follow. Cost ..
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Bonds and Their Valuation
Bonds and Their Valuation i opportunity cost of capital d 7% If coupon rate < r bond sells at a discount. If coupon rate = r bond sells at its par value. If coupon rate > r bond sells at a premium. ..
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Capital Cost Estimate Classifications
.. E salaries and overhead for the engineering, drafting, and project management personnel on the project Contingency Cont A factor to cover unforeseen circumstances. These may include loss of time ..
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The Costs of Caring: Sources of Growth in
.. reimbursed. Growth in capital spending has lagged relative to overall hospital cost growth as reflected by the nation's aging hospitals but expenditures on health care construction are projected ..
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Practice of Capital Budgeting
.. the market values at time t before expiration T. Xe -r(T-t) is the market value at time t of the exercise money to be paid at T Traders tend to ignore r(T-t) because it is small relative to the b..
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The following presentation contains forward-looking ..
.. accounting for hedges Options are expensed BOD & management own 58% of fully diluted shares Incentives aligned Federal income taxes - $3.0 million Ad Valorem taxes - $317,000 Franchise and local ..
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Venture Capital Year
.. Pg. 100 Zero Venture Capital Funds Over 1750 US venture capital and private equiy partnerships $585 Billion capitalization Fund about 500 companies/year 100 to 1 odds (at best) Typically later-st..
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UTEK Corporation ( www.utekcorp.com
UTEK Corporation ( www.utekcorp.com ) is an American Stock Exchange listed technology transfer company We are the only company that facilitates the identification and acquisition of external technol..
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Let's talk about trusts The nuts and bolts
.. Establishment costs - Transfer Duty - CGT - Donations Tax Possible Solutions Establishment Cost R3000 (compared to saving?) CGT, Donations Tax Avoided by acquiring new assets in trust. Must be co..
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Office: Leslie Commerce 5.37.
.. to home. In familiar markets & technologies. Required investment returns lower than venture capital funds. Fairly informal terms & conditions. Example: Ellerine brothers. About one-half day of tr..
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