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"CDC Region 3 Bio Emergency Health Official Elected Official"


CDC Region 3 Bio-Emergency Health Official/Elected Official

CDC Region 3 Bio-Emergency Health Official/Elected Official In-Service Describe the role of local public health in Iowa. Identify the role of the local board of health. Identify relationships to the..
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.. - single highest risk for progress to active disease 10% annual risk Diagnosis of TB Infection and Disease Signs and Symptoms TST CXR Bacteriology (positive sputa) Pulmonary TB Disease Coughing P..
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Stress Management for Healthcare Providers and Humanitarian ..
Stress Management for Healthcare Providers and Humanitarian Workers Aiding Tsunami Relief Efforts Richard W. Klomp, MOB, MS, LPC Disaster Mental Health and Terrorism Team CDC's National Center for I..
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Information Technology and its Role in Management of Avian ..
.. What? Type of data Where? Site of the collection When? Prospective vs retrospective; real time vs near real time (!) Who? Physician, physician extender, paramedical staff, administrator/clerk Why..
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Disability & Health Program
Disability & Health Program Funded by the CDC Joint offices at: Arkansas Department of Health Lifestage Branch (501) 280-4194 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (501) 682-9900 Disability an..
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Infertility Prevention Project
.. CDC data elements Provide Program Management Ensure Provider Training Grant Development Use Data to plan programs Prevalence Monitoring Surveillance 50% Rule Male Screening Up to 15% of IPP funds..
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Presented by Dr. Lisa Rotz, BPRP, CDC.
.. face, eyelid, nose, mouth, genitalia, rectum Lesions contain vaccinia virus Inadvertent inoculation of the eyelid can lead to significant swelling and redness of the eyelid and periorbital area. ..
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December Luncheon Meeting Steve Mandell, Chairman
.. biotech is developing a staphylococcus infection detector? Innovative Biosensors, Inc. They were one of the presenting companies at the BIO IT Coalition June meeting this year W ashington Busines..
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Federal Public Health Emergency Law: Implications for State ..
.. CMS granting of specific waiver requests on a case-by-case basis. Strategic National Stockpile Secretary of HHS, in coordination with the Secretary of Homeland Security, and consultation with Dir..
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HIV in Primary care
.. HIV Specialist Onsite pharmacy Nutrition Experienced nurses PPD skin test, Vaccines, patient care Infectious disease specialist for co-infections Rx Women's health Primary care Referrals as neede..
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Assessing Emergency Preparedness and Bioterrorism Training ..
.. needed to develop training opportunities and encourage worker participation States Alaska* Idaho* Wyoming* Montana* Public Health Ready Sites Thurston County, Washington* Tarrant County, Texas Tu..
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Development of Models for Emergency Preparedness
.. fiscal restraints Technology use Legal and regulatory authority Surge capacity Mobile medical units Training and education Active, early surveillance Reporting incentives Increased Epi capacity R..
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Modern Management of Respiratory Infections
.. enough time Treat with respect Therapeutic Windows in ARI Treatments Influenza 2 days GAS pharyngitis To prevent ARF 10 days 7-10 days CDC/ACP/AAFP/IDSA -Antibiotic Principles for ARIs Gonzales R..
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Adolescent Reproductive Health Data
.. by 2002 was 19% lower than the 1990 rate. Guttmacher Institute. US Teenage Pregnancy Statistics National and State Trends and Trends by Race and Ethnicity. New York, NY: 2006. Abortion Rates, Age..
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EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Office of Risk Management
.. incident procedures Violence in the Workplace Tips Maintain an ability to communicate Report all incidents Inform management of restraining orders Always follow security procedures Train all empl..
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TRICARE North Region
.. www.ExpressScripts.com/TRICARE Stop mail-order pharmacy shipments before travel or provide a temporary address Update ESI with new address, phone number, etc. when you get to your new location Re..
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Disaster/Emergency Planning for Museums & Galleries
Disaster/Emergency Planning for Museums & Galleries Purpose Key personnel Evacuation Procedures for those staying behind Employee accountability Rescue/medical duties Outside emergency personnel Ala..
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OES MISSION - Under the authority of the Emergency ..
.. inclusion CSC - Increasing service and volunteerism AmeriCorps, Citizen Corps, the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning, support non-profit and service fields, CaliforniaVolunteers.org A Supp..
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Emergency Animal Management During Disasters
.. Animal Disasters Disease outbreaks Floods Wildfires Hurricanes Tornadoes Winter storms Droughts Human-caused Animal Disasters Disease outbreaks (accidental) Disease outbreaks (intentional) Traffi..
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Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know
.. information needed by first responders, community, company fined nearly $17,000 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently fined an industry $20,280 for failing to immediately notify the p..
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