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"CDC Region 3 Bio Emergency Health Official Elected Official"


CDC Region 3 Bio-Emergency Health Official/Elected Official [Get PPT]
CDC Region 3 Bio-Emergency Health Official/Elected Official In-Service Describe the role of local public health in Iowa. Identify the role of the local board of health. Identify relationships to the..

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.. - single highest risk for progress to active disease 10% annual risk Diagnosis of TB Infection and Disease Signs and Symptoms TST CXR Bacteriology (positive sputa) Pulmonary TB Disease Coughing P..

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Stress Management for Healthcare Providers and Humanitarian .. [Get PPT]
Stress Management for Healthcare Providers and Humanitarian Workers Aiding Tsunami Relief Efforts Richard W. Klomp, MOB, MS, LPC Disaster Mental Health and Terrorism Team CDC's National Center for I..
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Information Technology and its Role in Management of Avian .. [Get PPT]
.. What? Type of data Where? Site of the collection When? Prospective vs retrospective; real time vs near real time (!) Who? Physician, physician extender, paramedical staff, administrator/clerk Why..
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Disability & Health Program [Get PPT]
Disability & Health Program Funded by the CDC Joint offices at: Arkansas Department of Health Lifestage Branch (501) 280-4194 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (501) 682-9900 Disability an..

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Infertility Prevention Project [Get PPT]
.. CDC data elements Provide Program Management Ensure Provider Training Grant Development Use Data to plan programs Prevalence Monitoring Surveillance 50% Rule Male Screening Up to 15% of IPP funds..
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Presented by Dr. Lisa Rotz, BPRP, CDC. [Get PPT]
.. face, eyelid, nose, mouth, genitalia, rectum Lesions contain vaccinia virus Inadvertent inoculation of the eyelid can lead to significant swelling and redness of the eyelid and periorbital area. ..
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December Luncheon Meeting Steve Mandell, Chairman [Get PPT]
.. biotech is developing a staphylococcus infection detector? Innovative Biosensors, Inc. They were one of the presenting companies at the BIO IT Coalition June meeting this year W ashington Busines..
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Federal Public Health Emergency Law: Implications for State .. [Get PPT]
.. CMS granting of specific waiver requests on a case-by-case basis. Strategic National Stockpile Secretary of HHS, in coordination with the Secretary of Homeland Security, and consultation with Dir..
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HIV in Primary care [Get PPT]
.. HIV Specialist Onsite pharmacy Nutrition Experienced nurses PPD skin test, Vaccines, patient care Infectious disease specialist for co-infections Rx Women's health Primary care Referrals as neede..
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Assessing Emergency Preparedness and Bioterrorism Training .. [Get PPT]
.. needed to develop training opportunities and encourage worker participation States Alaska* Idaho* Wyoming* Montana* Public Health Ready Sites Thurston County, Washington* Tarrant County, Texas Tu..
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Development of Models for Emergency Preparedness [Get PPT]
.. fiscal restraints Technology use Legal and regulatory authority Surge capacity Mobile medical units Training and education Active, early surveillance Reporting incentives Increased Epi capacity R..
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Modern Management of Respiratory Infections [Get PPT]
.. enough time Treat with respect Therapeutic Windows in ARI Treatments Influenza 2 days GAS pharyngitis To prevent ARF 10 days 7-10 days CDC/ACP/AAFP/IDSA -Antibiotic Principles for ARIs Gonzales R..

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Adolescent Reproductive Health Data [Get PPT]
.. by 2002 was 19% lower than the 1990 rate. Guttmacher Institute. US Teenage Pregnancy Statistics National and State Trends and Trends by Race and Ethnicity. New York, NY: 2006. Abortion Rates, Age..

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EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Office of Risk Management [Get PPT]
.. incident procedures Violence in the Workplace Tips Maintain an ability to communicate Report all incidents Inform management of restraining orders Always follow security procedures Train all empl..
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TRICARE North Region [Get PPT]
.. www.ExpressScripts.com/TRICARE Stop mail-order pharmacy shipments before travel or provide a temporary address Update ESI with new address, phone number, etc. when you get to your new location Re..
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Disaster/Emergency Planning for Museums & Galleries [Get PPT]
Disaster/Emergency Planning for Museums & Galleries Purpose Key personnel Evacuation Procedures for those staying behind Employee accountability Rescue/medical duties Outside emergency personnel Ala..
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OES MISSION - Under the authority of the Emergency .. [Get PPT]
.. inclusion CSC - Increasing service and volunteerism AmeriCorps, Citizen Corps, the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning, support non-profit and service fields, CaliforniaVolunteers.org A Supp..

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Emergency Animal Management During Disasters [Get PPT]
.. Animal Disasters Disease outbreaks Floods Wildfires Hurricanes Tornadoes Winter storms Droughts Human-caused Animal Disasters Disease outbreaks (accidental) Disease outbreaks (intentional) Traffi..
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Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know [Get PPT]
.. information needed by first responders, community, company fined nearly $17,000 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently fined an industry $20,280 for failing to immediately notify the p..
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