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Cardiology Terry White, RN, EMT-P [Get PPT]
to Cardiology Terry White, RN, EMT-P Cardiovascular Disease EMS System Role Cardiovascular A&P Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Single greatest cause of death and disability in the United States inc..
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Introduce my self and the scope of the presentation. What .. [Get PPT]
Introduce my self and the scope of the presentation. What is the main point I would like the delegates to take away from this presenation Tell them now! Before explaining what arterial stiffness is ..
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Geriatric Emergencies You respond to a nursing home for a .. [Get PPT]
.. maintain patency Air trapping from collapse of bronchiole Unchanged capillary circulation Shunting results Increased peripheral vascular resistance Less elasticity Atherosclerosis More prone to e..
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True FFR Integration [Get PPT]
.. placement of stents and balloons. Available in 175 cm and 300 cm (US only) length. Both guidewire and transmitter are single use and are disposed using standard cath lab protocol for contaminated..
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Fractional Flow Reserve [Get PPT]
.. a cost-effective, time-efficient and practical method of assessment that can be used easily in a busy cardiac catheterization laboratory 4 Why guide coronary interventions with FFR? Imaging/morph..
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Nuclear Cardiology: Myocardial Perfusion Studies and .. [Get PPT]
.. study. In a rest / stress protocol this may lead to underestimation of ischemia and overestimation of fixed defects extent and severity.In a stress / rest protocol this may lead to of ischemia. 5..
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EMS CE Update Session for Emergency Medical and Fire .. [Get PPT]
.. and completed 2 hrs of instructional CE during the preceding two years; Apply for Certificate to teach as an Assistant EMS Instructor Passes written and practical skills exams at certification le..
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Sinus Rhythms: Dysrhythmia Recognition & Management [Get PPT]
.. 3-5 min, max 0.04 mg/kg TCP Dopamine 5 20 mcg/kg/min Epinephrine 2-10 mcg/min Isoproterenol 2-10 mcg/min What cause-specific treatments can you think of when Sinus Brady is caused by: Excessive p..
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Cardiac Arrest Overview [Get PPT]
.. of the heart. SA node: natural source of a normal cardiac complex Normal sinus rhythm: electrical rhythm seen when the heart's electrical system functions properly Escape pacemakers SA node: the ..
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Tribute Terry Brown [Get PPT]
.. and mental mechanisms is multivocal in both directions. The trouble, [Terry goes on to say] with many if not all of the disputes having to do with mind and brain and with reductionism and interac..
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The 12-step chocoholics program: Never be more than 12 .. [Get PPT]
The 12-step chocoholics program: Never be more than 12 steps away from chocolate! ~Terry Moore There is no such organization as Chocoholics Anonymous because no one wants to quit. ~ Author Unknown S..
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Name some famous serial killers? [Get PPT]
.. in 4 U.S. hospitals Kevorkian? , Philip Nitschke? (Aussie), Christine Malevre (French)? Mercy Killers 2000's Hungarian Nurse ( Black Angel ) 30-40 Dutch nurse 14+ deaths mostly elderly or vry you..
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The effects of EMS Education Standards in the EMS classroom [Get PPT]
.. students for understanding, (i.e.. Body language, eye contact) and have informal conversations and then move on to more complex assessments such as quizzes, exams, skill labs, scenario management..

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Unilateralism in Foreign Policy and Terrorism [Get PPT]
Unilateralism in Foreign Policy and Terrorism Domestic Terrorism: Oklahoma City Bombing On 19 April 1995, the 2nd anniversary of the Waco raid, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols bombed the Murrah Fe..

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Except for historical information discussed, the statements .. [Get PPT]
.. use single patient blades than to sterilize a reusable Provides the best light transmission on market Redi-Tube Endotracheal tube with preloaded Stylet -$25 MM domestic market opportunity - New m..

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.. just monitor his breathing Patient has another seizure What should they do now? Road trip Observations Deputy calls nurse fourth time patient now foaming at the mouth Nurse indicates this was nor..
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Diagnosing Myocardial Infarction [Get PPT]
.. by cardiac troponins, implies an impaired clinical outcome for the patient. A review of currently available data demonstrates no discernible threshold below which an elevated value for cardiac tr..

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EMS and Chemotherapy Jerry Myers, EMT-P/EMS-I [Get PPT]
.. is vulnerable to infection WBC 5.0 - 10.0 RBC 4.5 - 5.9 Platelets 150. - 350. HCT 41.0 - 53.0 Hematocrit (HCT) is the percentage of red cells to plasma. Normally around 45%. Loss of RBC,s results..
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Stress and CAD Ick-Mo Chung, MD, PhD [Get PPT]
.. clinical events in pts (n=126) with CAD, Prospective study: 5 yr f/u Mental stress: mental arithmetic / public speaking/ mirror trace/ reading/ type A behavior Exercise stress Ischemia: RNV (new ..
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What Is Literature? Traditionally, literature is .. [Get PPT]
.. Literature is a formal, empty sort of definition. Literature has no essence. Literature is dependent upon the way people relate themselves to the writing. Why do you think the canon was disputed?..
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