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"Data Warehouse Architecture Best Practices"


Data Warehouse - Architecture Best Practices

December 5, 2005 Data Warehouse Architecture Best Practices past: present: why bi R. Michael Pickering President and Chief Architect, Cohesion Systems Consulting Inc. previously, Managing Consultant..
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This whole presentation is Copyright 2009, All Rights ..
.. Disk speed dominates everything. The problem is this disks simply don't spin very fast. If they did, they'd fly off of the spindle or something. The very first disk drives, introduced in 1956 by ..
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This whole presentation is Copyright 2009, All Rights ..
.. Disk speed dominates everything. The problem is this disks simply don't spin very fast. If they did, they'd fly off of the spindle or something. The very first disk drives, introduced in 1956 by ..
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Independent Validation Verification
.. purpose. Verification Did I build the thing right? Validation Did I build the right thing? Accreditation Should it be used? Credibility Should it be trusted? Why do IV&V? Timely identification of..
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Data warehousing, data analysis and OLAP
.. of roll-up from higher level to lower level or detailed data, or introducing new dimensions Slice and dice: project and select Pivot (rotate): reorient the cube, visualization, 3D to series o..
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.. specified in the query into corresponding sql and/or OLAP operations. Determine to which materialized cuboid(s) the relevant operations should be applied Identifying the cuboids for answering the..
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Building a Data Warehouse
.. and to provide complex multivariable analyses. Business Intelligence (BI) Tools considered: Feature Brio Crystal Decisions Undo feature in Report Design Rarely available Very strong feature Quali..
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IP Network Traffic Engineering
.. IP routing protocols Build a query and visualization environment for what-if analysis Capture: selection of shortest paths to/from (multihomed) customers and peers; splitting of traffic across mu..
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Network Virtualization Jennifer Rexford
.. bulk file transfer Security/privacy High security: online banking and e-commerce High privacy: Web surfing Scalability Very scalable: global Internet reachability Not so scalable: communication i..
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Traffic Engineering for ISP Networks
.. abstraction Set of packets with same src and dest IP addresses Packets that are close together in time (a few seconds) The closest thing to a call in the Internet Cisco NetFlow Measure all flows ..
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Characterizing the Internet Hierarchy from Multiple Vantage ..
.. e-mail and asked them to stop, and they did BGP configuration is done locally by neighbors Customer configures its router with AS number 7018 Provider configures its router with neighbor of 7018 ..
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The Cutting EDGE of Router Configuration
.. configuration of each router Diffs over time and across related routers Common cases (e.g., adding link, new BGP session) Data Mining Approaches Configuration files Start with raw or lightly-pars..
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Realizing Additional Value from ERP Systems: Beyond Initial ..
.. Pennsylvania Purpose of SRM: Automated Purchase Order from a shopping cart (Implemented 8/31/06) Contract automation of bidding process and auction functionality (Sch. 3/15/07) Streamline and sta..
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IWS Blueprint Solid Foundation Enterprise Analytic ..
.. can help you deploy enterprise analytic applications quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal risk. We utilize proven industry-specific methods, applications, and data models that help you rea..
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Lean Warehouse Management
.. Parameters for Transfer Order Printing Profile for Sorting during Transfer Order Print Processing Transfer Order Print Indicators Print Program per Warehouse Number Define Number Ranges Define Nu..
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Gail Hodge & Vivian Hutchison
.. schemes Based on ISO 11179 Data Dictionary standard Maintain the metadata and KOSs separately but map for interoperability XMDR Project (www.xmdr.org) will allow more semantics to be expressed wi..
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Database & Data Warehouse
.. listed above (d8). Turn in .mdb file (d9) with STAR models, data, views, reports (floppy, CD, e-mail attachment, bring flash disk to the instructor's office). Use this naming convention: PPex8Tea..
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State of Technology Oracle
.. database, which besides faster access to the data, also facilitates scoring--or placing the prediction results back into the database. Darwin 4.0 provides faster algorithms because we take advant..
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Education Data Warehouse
.. entered, if any Evaluator identification Name Evaluator Type University Supervisor Public School Teacher Email Addresses School and District School and District Contacts Student Assignments Evalu..
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Goodwill Retail Reporting Data Warehouse
The SF Goodwill Retail Reporting Data Warehouse Reporting Toolbar (Cont.) All work Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, Inc., 2003. Consulting, installation and customization of these reports on yo..
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