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Document Object Model

Document Object Model Javascript and the DOM Originally, the Document Object Model (DOM) and Javascript were tightly bound Each major browser line (IE and Netscape) had their own overlapping DOM imp..
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Document Management, Document Imaging
.. color shifts for each colorblind patron so that each person can see images with the best possible color fidelity. 256, thousands, and millions of colors display controllers are examples of such a..
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Document Management, Document Imaging
.. question. Everyone is specialized. Our knowledge and experience sets just barely overlap. We are forming a human chain, stretched across the ice to save someone who has fallen into the water. We ..
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ARMA International Association of Records Managers and ..
.. is a Raster The area where an image is produced on a kinescope (CRT athode ay T ube) Grid Definition Size Dimensionality: 1, 2, 3, or 4D Pixel Definition Compression Relatively Simple, Determinis..
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Buffer and Heap Overflow Attacks
.. If the buffer is small, we can use environmental variables. Assume that we have this suid program: In the bash shell, set environmental variable with export VARNAME = variable $ export SHELLCODE=..
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Document Management, Document Imaging
.. billion GNP (Gross National Product) GWP (Gross World Product) USD (US Dollars) Source: The AIIM (Association of Information and Image Management) report done by the Gartner Group entitled The St..
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Manual thesaurus generation
.. 1 4. Validate if Term k is is within the threshold of all terms in current class 5. If not, k = k + 1 6. If k > n (number of terms) then r = r + 1 if r = n then goto 7 else k = r Create a new cla..
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How to add a 3D object to a Instructions for inserting a ..
How to add a 3D object to a Instructions for inserting a 3DC file into a PowerPoint document: Create a compressed .3dc file. Open PowerPoint and create a slide in which to place the object. Choose V..
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Object Oriented Testing
.. effects of the called fcts. Impossible to predict and equally impossible to test, all possible uses of a template class Difficult to identify and test the effect of polymorphism and dynamic bindi..
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Testing Object-Oriented Software
.. Requirements modelers identify the use cases that contain the test scenario as a main scenario, extension, exception, or alternate path If no match, identify as incompleteness defect If scenario ..
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What is software Software is a set of items or objects that ..
.. The Amrican space shuttle program consiste of 3 milions lines of code. Software Development Why is it so Challenging (Difficult) ? Software development is a highly intellectual activity and so is..
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Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)
Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) Open Group OMG CORBA Open Group's COMSource: http://www. opengroup org/ comsource Software AG's EntireX: http://www.softwareag.com/entirex/defau..
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ADO & Recordsets ActiveX Data Objects
ADO & Recordsets ActiveX Data Objects History 1991 ODBC Data Access Objects (DAO) for VB developers (JET) Remote Data Object (RDO) SQL, Oracle, etc (ODBC) ODBCDirect utilizing RDO OLE DB ADO is a wr..
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artificial intelligence: the founding document
.. a central problem. Sometimes enough is enough. Schizophrenia can be disfunctional. story understanding as a plan recognition problem G. DeJong (1979) FRUMP: Fast Reading Understanding and Memory ..
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Object-Oriented Systems
.. is when a method is defined in several classes in a gen/spec relationship. The subclass overrides the parent class attributes and/or methods. If a number of classes are involved, the most specifi..
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Use Cases Applying UML and Patterns
.. an illusion. Use cases give a preliminary understanding that users and developers can discuss and agree on. But there should be constant feedback from customers in the development process to corr..
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Define systems analysis and relate the term to the ..
.. by systems analysts Critical need access to system stakeholders (various) for business requirements. Discuss willingness of some vis a vis others . Usually CASE tools used to document process, da..
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Systems Analysis Define systems analysis and relate the ..
.. resources. Reduce the number of uncollectible customer accounts by 50 percent within the next year. Increase by 25 percent the number of loan applications that can be processed during an eight-ho..
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Use-Case Model: Writing Requirements in Context
.. system is shown as a rectangle, labeled with the system name Actors are outside the system Use cases are inside the system The rectangle shows the scope or boundary of the system An association i..
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The presentation will address the following questions: This ..
.. never featured on a PROMOTION. Choose attribute names carefully. Many attributes share common base names such as NAME, ADDRESS, DATE. Unless the attributes can be generalized into a supertype, it..
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