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"Federal Communications Commission"


Federal Communications Commission

Federal Communications Commission November 30, 2009 VERISAE TESTIMONY VERISAE OVERVIEW VERISAE SUSTAINABILITY PLATFORM Verisae Defines Sustainability Resource Planning VERISAE THUMBNAIL Worldwide Ne..
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Code Ethics Georgia Educators August
Code of Ethics for Georgia Educators August 15, 2005 Definition of an Educator An educator is a teacher, administrator, or other personnel who holds, or has applied for, a PSC certificate, license o..
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Federal Trade Commission
.. customer must have the opportunity to change his/her mind. The FTC has established do-not-call lists for consumers who do not wish to be contacted by telemarketers, and FTC rules prohibit telemar..
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Public Comment Any member of the public who wishes to ..
.. Letter (AL) PG&E AL 3197-E, SDG&E AL 1958-E and SCE AL 2200-E, filed on January 14, 2008, Supplemental Advice Letters PG&E AL 3197-E-A, SDG&E AL 1958-E-A and SCE AL 2200-E-A, filed on July 11, 20..
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Federal Trade Commission Green Guides
.. Call for Comments American Society for Testing and Materials Free-Flow Packaging Corporation The New Consumer Institute Ecolab Center Green Seal Occidental Chemical Corporation Methyl Bromide Alt..
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Commission Study Sustainable Revenue Sources Funding ..
.. to 4 lanes. Revenue will fund maintaining the Salem-Manchester I-93 corridor. Tolls appear to be more popular with the public than gas taxes for now, but that popularity may be tested with contin..
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Virginia State Crime Commission
.. years. A second act of distribution or display also carries from 5 to 20 years, with a mandatory minimum punishment of 5 years. Unless the minor is tried as an adult, he also would probably not r..
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Emergency Communications Monroe County
.. and some munchies. Hand cleanser/disinfectant, dry towel. Personal prescription drugs with instructions and 1st aid kit. Emergency Gear Equipment Evolution Preparedness Checklist Be prepared to d..
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The Federal Institute for Access to Public Information: ..
.. SYSTEM 203 IFAI 246 213 Response to requests for information (June 12-Oct. 30) AGENCY/DEPARTMENT ACCESS DENIAL-CLASSIFIED INEXISTENCE OTHER ANSWERS* DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY 699 12 31 393 620 1..
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Alaska Rural Justice and Law Enforcement Commission
.. have this concept addressed in the conference committee. State Efforts to Address Alcohol Importation and Interdiction Postal Service cross designation authority Governor's Omnibus Crime Bill - S..
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Media, Communications and the Internet
.. under s51(v) of the Australian Constitution 1901. Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Cth) Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth) Radiocommunications Act 1992 (Cth) Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) Secondar..
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Optical Communications Origins State Art
.. Them Include: (a) Selection Of An Operating Wavelength (b) Choice Of An Appropriate Transmitter (c) Receiver and Fiber (d) Cost vs Performance and (e) System Reliability Twenty Years Ago Western ..
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Wireless Communications & Networks
.. are generally ad-hoc. Crosslayer design critical and very challenging. Energy constraints impose interesting design tradeoffs for communication and networking. Sensor Networks Energy is the drivi..
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.. accent. An employee was awarded $572,000 for being fired while missing work due to cancer recovery. By educating yourself, staff and company with this information and taking an active role in eli..
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Meeting Joint Commission Standards for Health Literacy
.. assist with enrollment process Collaboration: Encourage partnerships between adult educators, adult learners, and health professionals to develop health-curricula and health interventions Payment..
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Administrative Procedures OKLAHOMA TAX COMMISSION
.. make a written request for a review of the Division's determination to the OTC General Counsel's Office Assigned attorney reviews the evidence in support of taxpayer's request and prepares a fact..
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.. regulatory issues. May you participate? May you accept payment for participating? Future Employment Revolving Door # 1 Former Board Members and Executive Directors of Regulatory Agencies: Two yea..
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Administrative Law Research
.. Ohio Administrative Code Baldwin's Ohio Administrative Code (Print) LAWriter's Ohio Administrative Code (Online) Volume 17 Agency Directory Overview agency powers + rulemaking Administrative adju..
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Vocational Education Since 1900
.. of 1862 and 1890 institutions are to develop a comprehensive state-wide plan for extension Directed the secretary to assist the Agency for International Development (AID) with agricultural resear..
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Federal Geographic Data Committee's
.. to hold a radio license in the applied for radio service. Technical Information (Site based) Operating frequency and emission type Transmitter output power Antenna make and model number Power rad..
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Radio Communications FRS
.. ENDS DOT or Itinerant Frequencies VHF or UHF Specific, shared channels, limited numbers Anyone can be on your channel Can privatize by PL or DPL coding 5 watt maximum Assigned Frequencies VHF or ..
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