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"Haloperidol Haldol EMT Intermediate"


Haloperidol (Haldol) EMT Intermediate

Haloperidol (Haldol) EMT Intermediate And Paramedic Antipsychotic and neuroleptic Haloperidol is a major tranquilizer of the butyrophenone class that has proved effective in management of acute psyc..
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PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY Antipsychotics Antiparkinsonisms
PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY Antipsychotics Antiparkinsonisms Antidepressants Mood stabilizers Sedative Hypnotics Others Principles of psychopharmacotherapy The diagnostic assessment is fundamental to our mod..
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Aspirin Guidelines Aspirin Policy
Aspirin Guidelines Aspirin Policy Policy EMT-Basics will be allowed to administer aspirin, as per the proceeding protocols, to patients who are experiencing chest pain believed to be cardiac in natu..
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Just What DID the Doctor Order? Purpose
Just What DID the Doctor Order? Purpose To learn about medications used in the treatment of mental illness. Resources For this assignment you may use an article, textbook, or website. Be sure to ind..
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Drug design and testing
Drug design and testing, Drug Names Azmacort- treats asthma Rythmol- treats cardiac arrhythmias Pseudoephedrine to Sudefed Haloperidol to Haldol Ciprofloxacin to Cipro Slow-K slow release potassium ..
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Houston Community College
.. Check EMS Program The EMS Applicant MUST complete and submit an HCCS Application for Admissions. (New Students) On-Line www.hccs.edu (Future Students) If no previous/recent enrollment or testing ..
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Ohio Department of Public Safety
.. Certified/licensed to practice as FR, EMT, RN or Physician Asst.; Certified/licensed to practice as FR, EMT, RN or Physician Asst. 5 of last 7 years May teach any EMS subject area to the level of..
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Acute Mental Status Changes
.. onset, short acting Lipid soluble, prolonged sedation if used long term Treated like Delirium Tremens Benzos, not haldol Prospective analysis of over 800 ICU patients in Turkish hospital 11% rate..
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Symptom Control Palliative Care Perspective
.. Complementary Therapies exercises cognitive/behavioral Overt or occult bronchoconstriction wheezes intercostal indrawing with respiration May provoke cough Requires adequate inspiratory effort An..
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Antidepressants, Anxiolytics, and Sedative/Hypnotics
.. something with Dopamine May increase sexual desire May cause excitation Dopamine associated with addictive behaviors Bupoprion marketed for smoking cessation (Zyban) Also may help concentration A..
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Advanced Life Support Protocol Update
.. Name of hospital or other facility that is to receive the patient; Date and time of transfer Signature of the physician ordering the transfer. Pre-hospital emergency personnel must insure that pr..
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Behavior Disorders of Dementia: Recognition and Treatment
.. Neuropsychiatric Inventory Secondary endpoint in populations studied for cognitive loss 3) Rivastigmine (Exelon) - Less anxiety and psychosis Antidepressants 1) Citalopram (Celexa) - Reduced agit..
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Treatment of Schizophrenia (and Related Psychotic Disorders)
.. for positive symptoms (equal or better than typical antipsychotics) Clozapine is more effective than conventional antipsychotics in treatment- resistant patients Atypicals may be better than conv..
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EMS CE Update Session for Emergency Medical and Fire ..
.. courses taken, time allotted for course, title or topic of course and list any pediatric, geriatric, cardiology or trauma hours for each course Attested to by original signature of the Program Di..
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Psychoactive Drugs Anti-psychotics
.. Classic Drug for Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) Action: lithium replaces sodium in the cells **Dosage adjusted by Serum Lithium Level (weekly then monthly levels), not by symptoms Narrow The..
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Pediatric Behavioral Emergencies
.. (#7220) Widened QRS Hypotension unresponsive to fluids Sodium Bicarb These are adult policies. May be used in kids 15 otherwise requires base physician contact. Handling a Behavioral Emergency Ot..
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Anger, Hostility, and Aggression
.. control of situation (trained in techniques for behavioral management) Use restraint or seclusion only if necessary phase as client regains control Talk about the situation or trigger Help client..
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Cluttering (tachyphemia) Definition: a disturbance of ..
.. adaptation, consistency, expectancy More like cluttering? insufficient vocabularies hurried speech patterns no self-consciousness little anticipation no avoidance Is stuttering a minor annoyance ..
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Psychopharmacology and Other Biologic Treatments
.. withhold) Monitor creatinine concentrations, thyroid hormones, and CBC every 6 months. Kidney damage may be a risk. Thyroid function may be altered usually after 6-18 months. Observe for dry skin..
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Management of Acute Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
.. prophylaxis with liver dz Chlordiazepoxide with decompensated All symptom-triggered therapy Adjunctive for delirium Become familiar with CIWA scale Case 1 RF is a 48yo male alcoholic with a histo..
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