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"Hematologic Complications of Pregnancy"


Hematologic Complications of Pregnancy

Hematologic Complications of Pregnancy Joseph Breuner, MD October 10, 2006 Anemia Thrombophilias Thrombocytopenia Which patients will benefit from iron treatment? What hematocrit at 28 wks should ge..
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.. to fetal causes Categories: threatened, inevitable, incomplete, complete, or induced abortions Threatened Abortion--any vaginal bleeding in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy - 20 -30% of pregnant w..
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Cardiac dysfunction Hematologic dysfunction
.. Grades Types Grades I-VI 1 barely audible 2 soft, but easily audible 3 moderately loud, but not accompanied by a thrill 4 louder with a thrill 5 audible with the stethoscope barely on the chest 6..
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Complications According to official US vital statistics, ..
.. ultrasound or laparoscopy Abortion medical term for all pregnancy loss prior to 20 weeks Types Spontaneous (Miscarriage) Missed (embryo/fetus dies, not passed) Threatened (bleeding, cervical os c..
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Hematologic Disorders CBC Normal Adult Values
.. Heavy alcohol, hot tea, smoking More common in elderly Pernicious Anemia Clinical Manifestations Classic signs of anemia Neurologic manifestations with severe anemia ( Vitamin B12 is necessary fo..
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Surgical Complications of Pregnancy
.. Gest age = increased complication rate Uterine contractions as high as 80% of pts >24 WGA Appendiceal perforation 4-19% non-pregnant patients 57% pregnant patients (Innability to isolate infectio..
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Common Medical Conditions Seen in Pregnancy
.. No difference in maternal / neonatal outcomes Most authorities still cautious about recommending, but gaining acceptance (Grady now using) Start Glyburide 2.5 mg PO q day Can titrate to maximum d..
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Byron D. Elliott, M.D. Medical Director of Perinatology
.. Severe High Fever Respiratory Insufficiency Poor urine output Sepsis Unable to tolerate oral intake or antibiotics No improvement during initial / observational phase Common pathogens Escherichia..
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Medical Complications of Pregnancy
.. venography VTE: Estimated Fetal Radiation LMWH: safe as does not cross placenta Duration: 6 weeks - 3 months post-partum Hypercoagulable w/u indicated Keep in mind: dose may need adjusting with w..
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Venous Thromboembolism in Pregnancy
.. option) Make your choice depending on your clinical suspicion In literature, various algorithms for diagnosis of dvt based on d-dimer results and pre-test probability of dvt have been suggested B..
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Smoking and Pregnancy
.. Retrieved July 19, 2009 from http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/cerebral_palsy/cerebral_palsy.htm Pregnancy Complications Spontaneous abortions Ectopic pregnancy Placenta complications: previa an..
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Possible signs of pregnancy are A missed period
.. regularly Chlamydia can also be detected using a urine test Urine checked for Presence may indicate Protein (albumen) Pre-eclampsia, bladder/kidney infections Ketones Ill health/dehydration Pre-e..
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Global impact of Tuberculosis
.. but to use a regimen with some potential toxicity to the fetus. The risk of Rx must be weighed against the unknown risk to the fetus. The Rx plan: DOT. Agents to Consider: Fluoroquinolones(Catego..
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Physiological changes during pregnancy Almost exclusively ..
.. benign tumours it is possible to complete pregnancy and plan surgery after delivery if their symptoms improve with corticosteriods. A 40 year-old lady, 30 weeks pregnant (G6P5), was admitted thro..
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ANEMIA Definition :- Anemia is a hematologic condition in ..
.. level Analysis The Schilling test was performed in the past to determine the nature of the vitamin B12 deficiency, but due to the lack of available radioactive B12, it is now largely a historical..
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Hematologic Concerns in the Athlete
.. LDH, transaminases BUN:Cr Cr up initially, later BUN up due to increased urea production High Anion Gap High phosphate, causing Hypocalcemia Hypoalbuminemia, Anemia (capillary leak) Hyperkalemia ..
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Hematologic and Oncologic Emergencies
.. with electrolyte management Sickle-cell: chest pain What assessments need to be made now? What is the treatment plan? Sickle cell with chest pain VS RR, pulse ox, ABG if severe CRS score (new inf..
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Hypertension in Pregnancy Speaker
.. only for transient HTN / uncomplicated chronic HTN. Specific guidelines Encourage left lateral rest to enhance placental perfusion. Serially monitor mother watching for progression to pre-eclamps..
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OBgyn Week 9 Pregnancy Complications
.. Testing of all PG women recommended by CDC due to risk of transmission during labor to both neonate and health care personnel Infant transmission is 10-70% depending on stage of maternal disease ..
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Abortions Rate By Gestational Age
.. precipitating abortion complications: Surgeons inexperience. Inadequate anesthesia. Gross obesity. Cervical anomalies and stenosis (infantile cx) Uterine anomalies. Placentation anomalies. Inadeq..
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