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"Long Term Liabilities"


Long-Term Liabilities

Long-Term Liabilities Bonds Payable and other long-term debt are issued by a company to generate cash flow. Bonds Payable represent a promise by the company to pay a stated interest each period (yea..
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Current and Long-Term
Current and Long-Term Liabilities Known amount Accounts payable Short-term notes payable Sales tax payable Current portion of long-term debt Accrued expenses Payroll liabilities Unearned revenues On..
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Long-Term Liabilities
Long-Term Liabilities Quoted as percent of its face value. What is the issue price of a $2,000 bond sold at 98-1/4? $2,000 x .9825 = $1,965 What is the issue price of a $6,000 bond sold at 101-1/2 $..
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.. 3. 4. 5. 6. (4 of 4) Repaying a mortgage Repaying a Mortgage 12/31/08 12/31/09 What is a bond? Types of bonds Issuing bonds payable Paying interest to bondholders Market for trading bonds What Is..
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Liabilities LONG-TERM DEBT
.. rate (6%) times the face value ($700,000). The difference $4,664 increases the liability and is reflected as a reduction in the discount (a valuation account). JOURNAL ENTRIES THE INTEREST METHOD..
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Definitely Determinable Liabilities Warranty Example
.. the corp defaults on the bonds? Term vs. serial Do bonds mature all at once or do they mature periodically over several years? Convertible Bondholder has option to convert bond into specified # o..
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Module 8: Liabilities What is a liability? Probable future ..
.. a future value of a single amount that is to be paid in the future (ex: face value of bonds payable). PV of an ordinary annuity (PVOA) discounting a set of payments, equal in amount over equal pe..
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Auditing the Financing/Investing Process: Long-Term ..
Auditing the Financing/Investing Process: Long-Term Liabilities, Stockholders Equity, and Income Statement Accounts Auditing Long-Term Debt Inherent Risk Assessment Long-Term Debt Control Risk Asses..
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Key Concepts and Skills
.. of EBT) (800) 16% 1,200 24% Dividends Add. To RE Pro Forma Income Statement, 2010 5,500 (3,300) 2,200 Less: taxes (880) 1,320 660 Example: Balance Sheet Tasha's Toy Emporium Balance Sheet Current..
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Current Liabilities Contingent Liabilities
.. from now? Future Value of a Single Amount Example Using FV Formula F.V. = Present Value x F.V. Factor = $ 10,000 X (3 periods @ 10%) Using Time Value of Money Tables 2% 4% 6% 8% 1 1.020 1.040 1.0..
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Long-Term Budget Projections
.. -pensions 2 -health care -long-term care 1 labour productivity -.3 employment of older workers -.2 employment if due to: -an increase in the labour supply -.1 -a decrease in the NAIRU interest ra..
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Contemporary Issues Outline Long Term Capital Management
.. (CAT futures) in December 1992. The product was geared toward insurance companies that have periodic instances of many policyholder claims all at once because of a hurricane, flood, riot, or some..
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Liabilities probable future sacrifices economic
.. being a form of debt, offer several advantages compared to other financing options, including Ownership and control preserved and not diluted. Interest is tax-deductable. Low interest rates can a..
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BUFN 722 Long-term funds (71.0% of assets, 2000)
.. does not include the commissions you must pay to buy and sell shares, or the costs incurred by the fund in trading its securities. HOLDRs do not express their fees as expense ratios but instead c..
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Akash Singhal (07005016) Ankush Jain (07005018)
.. or better, what is experienced depends on the context. For humans its natural... FUTURE DECISIONS Storing is one thing and being able to retrieve is another. Does it know what it knows? Usually, ..
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Long Term Incentive Alternatives
.. on subsequent sale of shares, if any. Tax deduction equal to the amount recognized as compensation by the employee when the award is paid. FICA/FUTA tax liability. Ordinary income is reported on ..
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2 Why is Venus so much hotter than Earth?
.. records up to 1990 24 stations distributed globally show statistically significant decrease New data from 1990 to the present (mostly from the Northern Hemisphere) show that the dimming did not p..
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REVIEW define intoxication A person's mental and physical ..
.. begun using the educational materials in which she is featured. When she is physically able, Jacqui speaks out against drunk driving. Jacqui's incredible story of courage and determination has to..
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China and the European Union
.. of hegemonism and power politics. Multipolarity helps weaken and curb hegemonism and power politics, serves to bring about a just and equitable order and contributes to world peace and developmen..
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Designing a Long Term Care Policy
.. waived, or shorter in certain circumstances? Is bed reservation for any circumstance? Is waiver of premium for any benefit or only for facility? Is there a weekly or monthly maximum? How do home ..
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