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"Music Appreciation Roger Kamien"


Music Appreciation Roger Kamien

Music: An Appreciation 8 th Edition by Roger Kamien Unit VII The 20 Century and Beyond Time-line The 20 Century Freud: Interpretation of Dreams 1900 Wright brothers: first powered flight 1903 Einste..
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III Time-Line
III Time-Line The Baroque Style Time of flamboyant lifestyle Baroque Music Period begins with rise of Opera Unity of Mood Based on violin family of instruments Instrumental music frequently made up ..
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Music: An Appreciation 8
Music: An Appreciation 8 th Edition by Roger Kamien Unit IV The Baroque Period 1600-1750 Time-line: Shakespeare: Hamlet -1600 Cervantes: Don Quixote -1605 Jamestown founded-1607 Galileo: Earth orbit..
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Contrast of Mood Standardization of instrumentation
Contrast of Mood Standardization of instrumentation Instrumental works usually in multi-movement form Composer, Patron, and Public in the Classical Period Changing society affected musicians Became ..
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Early 20th Century
Radical breaks in tradition New developments in Technology Science Art General Characteristics of 20th Century Music Tone color Atonality Often erratic melodies Harsh dissonance Rhythm - far more co..
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Time Line
Time Line Musical Styles 1900-1945 First thirteen years brought radical changes Vast range of musical styles during this time Claude Debussy French Impressionist composer Listening Prelude to the Af..
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V Time-Line
.. emotional presentation with subtle shifts in tempo and dynamics Note pedal notation on printed music (p. 235) Etude in C Minor Op. 10, no. 12 Revolutionary; 1831?) Listening Outline: p. 236 Brief..
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Time Line Rome sacked by Vandals
.. Johann Sebastian Bach Listening Outline p. 105 Brief Set, CD 1:63 For string orchestra and group of soloists Soloists: flute, violin, and harpsichord Ritornello form The Classical Era Scientific ..
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.. piece Edgard Varese (1883-1965) Listening Outline: p. 361 Brief Set, CD 4:49 Early electronic composition Created using recording tape, wide variety of raw sounds that are often electronically pr..
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M1104 Music Appreciation Test 1
.. The portion of the Mass remains the same in every celebration of the service. 1. Spoken 2. Proper 3. Ordinary 4. Sung 27. One of the earliest women composers of importance was . 1. Fanny Mendelss..
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The Rise of Classical Music
.. born in Bohemia, came to America in 1805 dealer in linen, thread, and wines stranded after the collapse of the Austrian economy in 1811 turned to music Music Director of the Southwark Theatre in ..
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Objectives Benefits of Music Education
.. water-the instrument is actually the air column created by the space not filled up with water: smaller air space = more water = higher sound larger air space = less water = lower sound There are ..
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Your Brain on Music
.. to hear it; hearing a scale can cause fingers to move in response By approximately age 11, neuron circuits that permit all kinds of perceptual and sensory discrimination, such as identifying pitc..
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Music Island Presented to: Gibson Guitars
.. will receive some kind of music, voice or audio training. 3. You may not steal or copy other people's music or musical ideas and sell them as your own. 4. People will solve minor conflicts by hav..
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US Choral Music
.. orchestral cond. Studied with Shaw at Juilliard CSC first professional symphony chorus Stepped in for Solti at Carnegie Founded American Choral Review There's only one woman I know of who could n..
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VCU Training And Technical Assistance Center
.. when the xylophone is played by their peer. Provides opportnities for children with special needs Our real goal is to help children develop whatever ability they have and to help them develop a b..
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Jul 1, '08 - Apr 23, 09 Income/Expense
.. and Jan M. Eveleigh Sandy and George Pastoor Laurent Chevalier Doug and Janet Danforth David and Shirley Hubers Leo and Jean Hertzog Noreen A. Murray Anonymous (2) $1,000-$1,999 The Minneapolis F..
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Music Processing Algorithms
.. properties of a musical passage, work or collection of works Supports the operations and transformations that a musician, musicologist, composer, listener or performer might want to carry out on ..
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Technology in Art & Music
.. to support the general music curriculum Websites Academy of Digital Music: www.minuet.demon.co.uk/clasical.htm Worldwide Internet Music Resources: www.music.indiana.edu/music_resources/ Technolog..
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Ludwig Van Beethoven
.. 193, CD #2 Kamien, UNIFIED I = contrasting key time out, lyrical double theme & variations (Why not a rondo?) Ths A & B Mood? Instruments? scherzo ( joke ) minuet & trio form & triple meter BUT c..
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