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"Pathophysiology of Acute Inflammation"


Pathophysiology of Acute Inflammation [Get PPT]
Pathophysiology of Acute Inflammation Vascular changes Vasodilation earliest manifestations increased flow: heat, redness Cellular events: The journey of leukocytes from vessel lumen to interstitial..

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Pulmonary Pathophysiology Inadequate blood flow to the lungs [Get PPT]
.. unoxygenated hemoglobin, it has a dark red-blue color which gives skin a characteristic bluish appearance. Most cases arise as a result of peripheral vasoconstriction result is reduced blood flow..
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Cardiac Pathophysiology Pericarditis [Get PPT]
.. compression cardiac tamponade If development is slow, pericardium can stretch If develops quickly, even 50 -100 ml of fluid can cause problems When pressure in pericardium = diastolic pressure, g..
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Pathophysiology Wayne E. Ellis, Ph.D., CRNA [Get PPT]
.. aortic media -Aortic dissections are caused by an intimal tear that progresses to a separation of layers of the aortic wall, creating a false lumen that runs parallel to the true lumen. -This usu..

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Cardiac Pathophysiology Pericarditis [Get PPT]
.. cardiac tamponade filling of right atrium, filling of ventricles, cardiac output circulatory collapse. Outcome depends on how fast fluid accumulates. Pulsus paradoxus B.P. higher during expiratio..
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Draft [Get PPT]
.. on the origin of migraine involves central sensory dysmodulation within the brainstem. Brainstem Dysfunctions in Migraine: Deficient Filtering of Peripheral Sensory Inputs Brainstem dysfunction m..

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Neurological Pathophysiology Increase in tissue mass that .. [Get PPT]
.. types: TIAs Stroke-in-evolution Completed stroke Thrombus formation Atherosclerosis Arteritis Hypertension Vasospasm Other: Hypotension Anemia Polycythemia Ophthalmic branch of internal carotid a..
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Acute and Chronic Inflammation [Get PPT]
.. and assembly of cytoskeletal contractile elements 2O 2 + NADPH -rad + NADP + H (NADPH oxidase) O + 2H H May or may not utilize a specific cell surface receptor for activity May also signal target..

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Pathophysiology of the Peripheral Nervous System [Get PPT]
.. Invasion of basement membrane facilitated by matrix metalloproteinases, NO radicals, other mediators Axons suffer bystander damage Hypothesis #2 Antibodies are created against bacterial/viral ant..

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Diabetes, Anemia and Chronic Kidney Disease [Get PPT]
.. CKD (Thorp et al 2006) and up to 50% of patients with stage 3 5 CKD may have anaemia (McClellan et al 2004). Anaemia is associated with significant mortality and morbidity in patients with CKD; h..

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Gastroenterology Sections General Pathophysiology, .. [Get PPT]
.. esophageal hiatus of the diaphragm May incarcerate, strangulate to the point of causing a severe GI bleed Esophageal Varices Cause Portal Hypertension Chronic alcohol abuse and liver cirrhosis In..
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Pathophysiology of Osteoarthritis Faith Dodd [Get PPT]
.. OA synovial fluid Proinflammatory cytokines TNF- and IL-1 appear to be the major cytokines involved in OA Other cytokines involved in OA are: IL-6, IL-8, leukemic inhibitory factor (LIF), IL-11, ..
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Pathophysiology of Diabetes Objectives [Get PPT]
.. combinations of oral therapy to treat diabetes need to be found to achieve this target Combination therapy used when monotherapy fails Combination With Insulin Insulin therapy, or Insulin therapy..
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Acute Abdomen: Surgical Education Series [Get PPT]
.. of the SMA Occlusion of the SMA Source Embolic (>50%) Venous, Atherosclerotic (thrombotic), NOMI Chronic Mesenteric/intestinal angina 30-60 minutes post eating Voluntary anorexia/wt loss Acute (>..

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Acute abdomen [Get PPT]
.. high With low ileal obtsruction, the vomitus is feculent (orange-brown in color with a foul odor Obstipation and the failure to pass gas by rectum (indicating complete obstruction) Roentgenograph..
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Acute Appendicitis Acute appendicitis is thought to begin .. [Get PPT]
.. allow C.difficile to flourish However any atbx can lead to C.difficile Complications: severe electrolyte imbalance, hypotension, anasarca from low albumin, toxic megacolon, bowel perforation Onse..
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Acute Appendicitis Dr Ibrahim Bashayreh [Get PPT]
.. and predictive value is 50% C-Reactive Protien CRP (independent surgical indication marker for appendicitis) and ESR have been studied with mixed results UA: abnormal UA results are found in 19-4..
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Acute Abdomen: Challenge to Surgeons & Physicians [Get PPT]
.. indicates involvement of Parietal Peritoneum Per Rectal Examination: - tenderness - induration - mass (Blumer's shelf) - frank blood Per Vaginal Examination - Bleeding - Discharge - Cervical moti..

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Imaging in Acute Torticollis [Get PPT]
.. PA, Montesano PX. Morphology and treatment of occipital condyle fractures. Spine 1988; 13:731-6. Ballock RT, Song KM. The prevalence of nonmuscular causes of torticollis in children. J Pediatr Or..
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PANCREATITIS: Pancreatitis is an inflammatory process [Get PPT]
.. treat - prednisolone or immunosuppressives. Splenic vein thrombosis Prognosis-acute Pancreatitis Mild edematous pancreatitis occurs in about 80% cases, and the mortality rate is below 1%. Severe ..
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