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Photogrammetry Distinct Areas Uses of Photogrammetry Types of photographs Aerial Photography Camera / Imaging Devices Aerial Mapping Camera Focal Plane of Aerial Camera Fiducials in Aerial Camera El..
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Photogrammetry Definition of Photogrammetry: stereoplotter
Photogrammetry Definition of Photogrammetry: stereoplotter The first use of photogrammetry was by Arago, a French geodesist, in 1840. This included topographic and terrestrial. The first aerial phot..
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Basics of Imaging Systems II
.. 230mm film size = 9.0 f = 210 mm f = 152 mm Scale = ? Scale = ? 210 mm 152 mm 1 . MS 12,200m 58,000 MS 12,200m 80,000 D = 230mm x 58,000 = 13.3km D = 230mm x 80,000 = 18.4km Flying Height, H = 12..
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Photogrammetry and Multispectral Remote Sensing
Photogrammetry and Multispectral Remote Sensing What is Photogrammetry Photogrammetry is the art and science of making accurate measurements by means of aerial photography: Analog photogrammetry (ha..
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.. LAN connection. Must have met visibility requirements and suitable soils for stability. The initial stations were installed in a 3 month period. During this 3 month period we decided to implement..
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Aerial Photography and Flight Planning
.. populated area: 1,000 feet above ground level Use your best judgment regarding sparse vs. dense Maximum altitude in Class E airspace: 18,000 feet mean sea level (MSL) Above 18,000 feet is Class A..
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Kamalakannan Thiruvadi ISV & Alliance Manager - Workstations
.. Designware IP Discovery Verification Milkyway Mask Synthesis Mentor Graphics MG Boardstation Modelsim Calibre Popular ISVs in AEC Autodesk Autocad Autodesk Autocad REVIT Series Autodesk Architect..
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How to Pick a GIS Lecture 8
.. A GIS is often defined not for what it is but for what it can do. If the GIS does not match the requirements for a problem, no GIS solution will be forthcoming. A GIS may have overcapacity. The c..
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Future U.S. Workforce for Geospatial Intelligence
.. anticipated U.S. availability of this expertise for the next 20 years. Identify any gaps in the current or future availability of this expertise relative to NGA's need. Statement of Task An ad ho..
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GeoCam - An off-the-shelf Imager for Rapid Response Remote ..
.. thereby reducing the strain on the telecommunication systems of the affected area. Equipment Description All essentially off the shelf Canon PowerShot S3 IS 6 Megapixel Resolution 10x Optical Zoo..
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Making Movies
.. days of render time on one CPU they used 1200 CPUs = 778 days of rendering Renderman (Pixar) used for rendering direct illumination many hacks to fake global illumination Maya used for modeling H..
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AAA Ohio Buckeye State Sheriff's Association Ohio ..
.. on shoulder (e.g., Columbus, three hour limit) Allow DOT personnel to assist tagging abandoned vehicles, for prompt towing Minor (Non-Injury) Crashes Contracts with Towing and Salvage Companies P..
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George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering ..
.. advanced modeling and simulation technologies for design Hierarchy of models with consistent representation multi-scale phenomena Adaptive simulation to account for scale interactions Efficient c..
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GIS Data Capture
.. plan, adequate resources, appropriate funding, and sufficient time Fundamental tradeoff between Quality, speed and price Two strategies Incremental Blitzkrieg (all at once) Alternative resource o..
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USGS Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
.. AUVSI- UAS working group American Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) USNORTHCOM UAS Working Group Interagency Coordinating Committee for Airborne Geoscience Research and Applicati..
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Over 30 years of combined experience on a large variety of ..
.. of caves in Mona Island (west of Puerto Rico). He is an experienced speleologist and has offered various trainings and workshops in the area of cave cartography. Luis Lopez Sierra, BS Surveyor's ..
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GEOG 4426 Instructor: Shannon Crum
.. as points, lines, or areas. A geographic information system manipulates data about these points, lines, and areas to retrieve data for ad hoc queries and analyses " (Duecker, 1979, p 106). Duecke..
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.. Checking for: High Flood Level (HFL) Confirming Length and value of gradient to IRC standards. Soil Characteristics. Geological features. Proximity to source of construction materials- quarries, ..
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Los Angeles Region
.. per channel Digital camera imagery is 12-bit and 14-bit (collected in 16-bit file) More shadow detail (see through shadows of buildings and mountains) Sharper clarity Superior stereoscopic clarit..
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to GIS Announcements Review lecture on Thursday (21.09.06) ..
.. external agency Data collection is very expensive, time-consuming, tedious and error prone Good procedures required for large scale collection projects Main techniques Raster e.g. remote sensing ..
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