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RESPIRATORY DISTRESS Prepared by Christina M. Cabott D.O. DYSPNEA HYPOXIA HYPERCAPNEA WHEEZING COUGH HICCUPS CYANOSIS PLEURAL EFFUSION Common complaint described as shortness of breath breathlessnes..
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Respiratory Distress Syndrome [Get PPT]
.. & so maintain alveolar stability by preventing collapse of small airways at end expiration. RDS frequently occurs in the following individuals: Male infants Infants of diabetic mothers Infants de..
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Respiratory Module Lower Respiratory Tract Infections [Get PPT]
.. be a complication of bronchial asthma Clinical Manifestations Usually self limiting Durations Several days Sputum Mucopurulent Dry, irritation, dyspnea Sternal soreness Fever / chills Headache / ..
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The Respiratory system Respiration (4 processes) [Get PPT]
.. into alveolar ducts into alveolar sacs containing as many as 300 million alveoli Respiratory membrane Simple squamous epithelium (type I cells) covered by a cobweb-like matrix of pulmonary capill..
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Care of the Client with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome .. [Get PPT]
.. Indicators For Mechanical Ventilation Complications of Positive Pressure Ventilation 1. Decreased Cardiac Output 2. Decreased Blood Flow to the Splanchnic Area a. Ischemic Gastric Mucosa b. Decre..
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Pediatrics Respiratory Emergencies [Get PPT]
.. influenza) Affects epiglottis, adjacent pharyngeal tissue Supraglottic edema Epiglottitis: Incidence Children > 4 years old Common in ages 4 - 7 Pedi incidence falling due to HiB vaccination Can ..
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Unit 8: Respiratory Diseases Pasteurellosis [Get PPT]
Unit 8: Respiratory Diseases Pasteurellosis Affects cattle, sheep, swine Cause Various Pasteurella spcs. Responsible for shipping fever, pneumonia, etc. Livestock can become extremely sick and septi..

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Respiratory System: Medical Assisting [Get PPT]
.. breathing Other factors CO levels in the blood pH of the blood Fear and pain Inflation reflex Causes of altered breathing patterns Coughing Sneezing Laughing Crying Hiccups Yawning Speaking Most ..

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Respiratory Viruses RNA virus, genome consists of 8 segments [Get PPT]
.. A if given early in the illness. However, resistance to amantidine emerges rapidly. Rimantidine is similar to amantidine but but fewer neurological side effects. Ribavirin is thought to be effect..
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RESPIRATORY DISEASES Hypoxemia/Hypercapnia [Get PPT]
.. developing to dyspnea at rest No cough; little sputum (REMEMBER: no incr'd mucus) Tachypnea (incr'd rate of breathing) Treatment - as per chronic bronchitis Together, chronic bronchitis + emphyse..
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Obstructive Lung Diseases [Get PPT]
.. or emphysema Reduced breath sounds Permanent enlargement of airspaces distal to terminal chronchioles, with destruction of the alveolar wall In contrast, hyperinflation is enlargement with no des..

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Respiratory System Respiration = exchange of gases between .. [Get PPT]
.. accompanied by wheezing caused by a spasm of the bronchial tubes or by swelling of their mucous membrane Occurs most frequently in childhood or early adulthood (brong-key- EK -tah-sis) Chronic di..

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Clinical Manifestations of Resp Dz [Get PPT]
.. cough, vomiting, fever, dyspnea, wheezing Recurrent lung infections, chronic cough Prevention is better than treatment NURSING CARE!!!!!! Raise HOB, don't eat reclining, thickened fluids, set ent..
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Respiratory System Review Questions A client with .. [Get PPT]
.. vision. Answer A is incorrect because it does not relate to the medication. Answer C is incorrect because it is an adverse reaction to Streptomycin. Answer C is incorrect because it is a side eff..
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Respiratory System Main Function = gas exchange from O2 [Get PPT]
.. baby with a lower birth weight. Smoking also is associated with heart disease, cancer of the lung, bladder, and pancreas. It also causes emphysema, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Some people try to q..
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Lower Respiratory Disease [Get PPT]
.. appearance Honeycombing-created by the cyst-like spaces of advanced disease Some ILDs have Unique Findings Sarcoidosis- hilar lymphadenopathy Wegener's Granulomatosis- lower lobe cavities and nod..
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The Respiratory System [Get PPT]
.. during high ventilation rates Pneumotaxic Area pneumotaxic area in the upper pons helps coordinate the transition between inspiration and expiration. apneustic area sends impulses to the inspirat..
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Respiratory System Animation [Get PPT]
.. and inhaled; delivered by a nebulizer or metered dose inhaler (single puff dose) endotracheal intubation placing a tube through the mouth and into the trachea to keep airway open intermittent pos..
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Upper Respiratory Infections [Get PPT]
Upper Respiratory Infections Dr. Mohammed Farouq Approach to Child With URTI Nasal discharge/rhinorrhea: Acute: rhinitis/nasopharyngitis Persistent: sinusitis Sore throat +/- nasal discharge Pharyng..
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Upper Respiratory Emergencies [Get PPT]
.. retropharyngeal lymph nodes Evolve over days after minor URI or after localized trauma to posterior pharyngeal wall. i.e. fall with stick or object in mouth. Anatomy Retropharyngeal space b/t buc..
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