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"Risk Management and Captive Insurance"


Risk Management and Captive Insurance [Get PPT]
Risk Management and Captive Insurance 1800 New England Textiles Factory Mutual System 1929 Episcopal Church Church Insurance Co. 1935 Mahoning Insurance Company 1940 Bermuda Lifesavers Candy 1970 Ha..

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Transforming the Role of Your Healthcare Captive [Get PPT]
Transforming the Role of Your Healthcare Captive: Professional Liability and Beyond Speakers: Harlan Hammond Assistant VP, Risk Management Intermountain Healthcare Dale Schultz System VP, Business H..
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Captive Industry Accreditation [Get PPT]
Captive Industry Accreditation An Idea Whose Time Has Come John Salisbury, President/CEO Government Entities Mutual, Inc. Why Haven't Captive Owners and Management Set Standards and Established an A..
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Reasons Captives Must Pledge Collateral to Fronting Carrier [Get PPT]
.. OF CREDIT Definition Document issued by a Bank that assures payment of an obligation. Purpose Standby letters of credit are issued by a Bank in favor of the Captive's Fronting insurance company (..
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Securitization Life Insurance Assets Liabilities [Get PPT]
.. Many imaginative proposals One unsuccessful attempt The payoff on the longevity bond would be structured as a put option spread Option payoff (% of principal) in year t = where M = lower strike (..
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Risk Management Fair Bet [Get PPT]
.. Interruption Loss of Rental Income Loss of Rental Value Loss of Leasehold Interest Inability to Reconstruct Records Loss of Use Value in Improvements and Betterments Demolition Costs and Increase..

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Background: to Risk Management and Insurance [Get PPT]
.. a deductible. The amount of the deductible is that part of the risk that you are retaining. Passive retention is because of ignorance, indifference, or laziness. Example: Many worker are not insu..
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Risk Management: Homeowners Insurance [Get PPT]
.. read a flood plain map FloodSmart.gov Does your community participate? www.fema.gov/fema/cxb.shtm Logan, N. Logan, Richmond, Wellsville What to do to participate? A letter must be sent to the loc..
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Risk Management 101 Principles of Risk Management [Get PPT]
.. supplier/customer before determining a rate Rate usually greater than 100% of real property damage rate Alternate suppliers/customers can decrease rate Supplier or customer facilities rated HPR (..

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Insurance 101 Terminology Presented for Wisconsin 4-H Youth .. [Get PPT]
.. insurance against injury or death because of an accident to individuals named on the policy. Accident insurance policies cover death or dismemberment, as well as hospital coverage and transportat..
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26 Life insurance companies [Get PPT]
26 Life insurance companies Provide risk management contracts for individuals and businesses Risk areas include premature death, health maintenance costs, and disability Life insurance provides cash..
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Indexed Annuity Product Pricing and Risk Management [Get PPT]
.. (100 bps / year) Cost of capital charge plus profit margin (190 bps) Option budget (to solve for) = 163 bps = 300 + 250 72 25 - 100 190 = 163 bps Basic design: point-to-point Credited rate = Max ..
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Risk-Based Capital Case Study for [Get PPT]
.. business Loss Reserves (at expected values of payout) Parameters - Specified by regulator (??) Claim severity distribution by line of business Claim count distribution Dependency model parameters..
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Persuasion and Risk [Get PPT]
.. reps) stakeholders Exterior changes upset historic district commission & residents Proposed software cannot handle firm demands Overseeing project limits time w/ family & friends 2. Assessing the..
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Jersey Automobile Insurance Risk Exchange [Get PPT]
.. contracts with two external auditors. Annually, the financial records of NJAIRE are reviewed by Withum, Smith and Brown, a CPA firm that conducts financial audits. Through its statutory authority..

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Grading Risk Management Risk Supervision Capabilities Risk .. [Get PPT]
.. of trends and stress scenarios Harmonization of FS regulation & supervision Comprehensive licensing Remedial enforcement Information sharing Economic groups and financial conglomerates Consumer p..
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Interest Rates interest rates are the price of credit, or .. [Get PPT]
.. not used for hedging must be recognized as a gain or loss in the period of change. Different accounting for hedging vs. trading. General tax treatment differs for the four basic types of derivati..
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Essential Standard 5.00 Understand business credit and risk .. [Get PPT]
.. from accidents. Covers part or all of complicated dental work such as crowns or bridges. Vision Care Insurance Cover eye examinations, prescription lenses, frames, and contact lenses. Some plans ..
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Medicine and the Law Dominic Reilly, MD [Get PPT]
.. out assigned responsibilities Cost of Malpractice Insurance Specialty Low (Minnesota) High (Florida) Internal Medicine $3,375 $68,867 General Surgery $11,306 $275,466 OB-GYN $20,626 UW Insurance ..
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Avoiding Medal-Legal Pitfalls [Get PPT]
.. malpractice claim. You might want to consider an evaluation before hiring him to see if there are any underlying issues that need addressing. A risk management refresher course might be worthwhil..
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