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"Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence"


Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence [Get PPT]
Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence UNC School of Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship Case Based Seminar Series Objectives for SA and DV Identify patients at increased risk for sexual assa..
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LGBT Intimate Partner Violence [Get PPT]
.. Mifflin Company Note: this definition does not take Transgender into account, based on a binary model Gender Identity personal view or experience of one's own gender The Northwest Network of Bi, ..
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Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault [Get PPT]
.. in type of abuse Female: fondling, incest Male: penetrative acts, oral sex Long-term consequences: alcohol and drugs aggressive behavior criminal problems suicidal thoughts/attempts Impact on sex..

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Safe Start Promising Approaches [Get PPT]
.. Miami, FL New York City, NY Kalamazoo, MI Information, Resource Development, Training and Technical Assistance Association for the Study and Development of Community Demonstration Sites Evaluatio..
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Domestic Violence [Get PPT]
.. or coercing a partner to engage in undesired sexual activity Obstructing a partner from receiving medical services Intentional neglect by refusing or obstructing a mentally/physically incapacitat..

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Emergency Response to Domestic Violence [Get PPT]
.. It's a Choice Batterer chooses to use violence to control family members. IS NOT Mental or physical illness Genetics Alcohol Out of control behavior Stress Anger Victim's behavior or relationship..

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78th Medical Group Instruction [Get PPT]
.. it. He will be billed for any medical expenses incurred by his victim. A sophisticated batterer will send the woman he hurts to a civilian hospital to avoid alerting the First Sgt.. Abusive spous..
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Child Abuse Child Abuse is [Get PPT]
.. toxicology Lags in physical development Consistent hunger, poor hygiene Consistent lack of supervision Unattended physical problems or medical needs Chronic truancy Behavioral Signs Begging, stea..

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Domestic Violence Legal Update [Get PPT]
.. to police protection against harm from her husband Rejected by the courts: Due Process Clause does not require the State to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizens against private..

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.. control by landlords and local criminal bosses seeking to humiliate and terrorize local residents. SOUTH ASIA In Bangladesh women killed by their husbands constitutes 50% of all the homicides in ..
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Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and .. [Get PPT]
.. sexual abuse by the time they are 18 yo. 1 out of 7 boys are sexually abused. Incest Sexual relations between blood relatives. Sensitive hospital and medical providers to women who have been rape..
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Sexual Assault Prevention [Get PPT]
.. norms expediently; they are willing to bend or break those rules when it suits their ends. Thus, their impulsivity is not inconsistent with the high level of planning they typically use in their ..

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ABUSE Domestic Violence [Get PPT]
.. the Abuse and Neglected Child Reporting Act (ANCRA) of the State of Illinois and Indiana law. Mandated Reporters Illinois requires six groups of professionals to report suspected child maltreatme..

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Bringing It Home To Our Practices [Get PPT]
Bringing It Home To Our Practices Sandra Ortiz MD Domestic Violence DV PL-1s (PL-2s CP block) Continuity Clinic Conference all PLs Community Pediatrics Block PL-2s Project F.A.I.T.H. 2x/month Dome..

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ABUSE Child, Domestic Violence, and Elder Mistreatment [Get PPT]
.. older person's rights and capability to make decisions for himself / herself Self-abuse or Self-neglect - It characterized as the behaviors of an elderly person that threaten his/her own health o..
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2008-2009 Biennium In-Service Domestic Violence [Get PPT]
.. stepparent, present or former in-law, child or co-parent of a child, or dating partner or previous dating partner. Note: Same-sex partners and minors are eligible to file for protection orders. C..

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Addressing Domestic Violence [Get PPT]
.. and Daughters - Pittsburg 3330 Loveridge Road Pittsburg, CA 94565 Saving Our Sons and Daughters - Richmond 598 Nevin Avenue Richmond, CA 94801 (510) 215-0130 Legal: Bay Area Legal Aid - East/Cent..
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Stages For Change Any attempt to impose your will on .. [Get PPT]
.. during social occasions Date Rape Drugs: Work in 5-20 minutes Offender can remain anonymous Render victims helpless Cheap Cannot be tasted in beverage Eliminate memory of victim Hard to detect in..
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The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Child .. [Get PPT]
.. Cause or forbid her to terminate a pregnancy; Assault her when he's angry at the children's behavior; Entitlement: Become angry and abuse the children when he feels she's paying more attention to..
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Development of Anger Management Strategies to Address .. [Get PPT]
.. ability. Giving them life skills to enhance settlement in community settings. Reduce demand on forensic services and provide source of risk assessment for future offending. Cost implications reso..

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New Service Model in Handling Adult Violence [Get PPT]
.. Bruising Fingertip Bruising Genito-anal Examination Inspection, labial traction Swabs Speculum Anal +/- digital +/- proctoscope Genito-anal Injuries Genito-anal injuries Forensic Specimens Vulval..
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