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"Social networks and the Semantic Web"


Social networks and the Semantic Web

Social networks and the Semantic Web Peter Mika Business Informatics group Dept. of Computer Science Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam Presented at: Stanford University, March 23 rd 2006 IBM Almaden Res..
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Semantic Web (tutorial) Johnson & Johnson Philadelphia, ..
.. graph is represented in machine is immaterial for now Data export does not necessarily mean physical conversion of the data relations can be generated on-the-fly at query time via SQL bridges scr..
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Semantic Challenges in (Mobile) Sensor Networks
Semantic Challenges in (Mobile) Sensor Networks Talk Objective Provide an overview and definitions of Mobile-Sensor-Network (MSN) related platforms and applications Outline some Semantic Other Chall..
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Semantic Web Good News Quiz
Semantic Web Good News Quiz For everybody who gets tired of questions like when is the Semantic Web actually going to happen , or any other suggestion that the Semantic Web programme is only vision,..
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Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Semantic 3D Media
.. SWI-Prolog, RDFStore The main lesson: Anybody can start developing Semantic Web applications There are lots of tutorials, overviews, and books around some of them good, some of them bad, just as ..
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Intelligent Agents Meet the Semantic Web
.. detect and resolve inconsistent context knowledge protect the user's privacy. EasyMeeting - Specialized server entities that facilitate system communication, client-role management, and service-a..
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Uncertainty and Semantic web
.. beyond 15 generic (TBox) conditional constraints [9] Conditional constraints (D|C)[l,u] C and D concepts in P-SHIQ(D) [l,u] closed interval within [0,1] Supports overriding Can handle certain pro..
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Mixture Models for Document Clustering
.. binary or frequency counts. A simple and obvious generalization is a bigram-document matrix where rows correspond to bigrams, columns to documents, and again entries are either binary or frequenc..
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Kepler: Towards a Grid-Enabled System for Scientific ..
.. govern the interaction between components. A major problem area being addressed is the use of heterogeneous mixtures of models of computation Data & Process oriented: Dataflow process networks Na..
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Semantic Web Services
.. the application of the data element. Ontology is defined as the science or study of being Oxford English Dictionary Ontology building involves identifying the domain objects, their relationship t..
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Semantic Web - Brian Kelly UK Web Focus UKOLN University of ..
.. The Semantic Web won t take off unless the IT sector develops tools Its Too Researchy The Semantic Web is an idea for the AI research community and not for mainstream use W3C Using A Flawed Knowl..
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Web Social Networking
.. location of the user Geotagging yourself Open registration with email address Simple service to let others know current activity User sets description of current activity Text message is broadcas..
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.. nike fitness and iPod personal trainer Mirror Worlds Google Earth Virtual Worlds Second Life Valence (relevance) of information improves search and customization get better as we create the Daily..
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Ted Klastorin (Tutorials Chair)
.. outbreak should become an epidemic Berger et al, On the spread of viruses on the Internet Proceedings of the 16th annual ACMSIAM symposium, 2005 Importance of an actor in a network Sociomatrix (A..
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Thesauri and Semantic Networks
.. closer (smaller distance) to each other in semantic network. See publicly available tool, WordNet ( www.cogsci.princeton.edu/~wn Builds a network that for each word shows its relationships to oth..
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XML Semantic Web
.. rpt reciprocal partner rcp reciprocity ben beneficiary exp experiencer jnt joint participant pos - possessor ela Elaboration sum eg Example cnt- cau pur cnd cnc cntrst- Contrast tmx tim pre pst l..
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The Semantic Web vision
.. be used to uncover ontological knowledge that is implicitly given I t can also help uncover unexpected relationships and inconsistencies Logic is more general than ontologies It can also be used ..
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Motivating Scenario - Sensor Web Enablement Semantic ..
.. of sensor data, or using a model reference to annotate Sensor Device ontology* enables uniform/interoperable characterization/descriptions of sensor parameters regardless of different manufacture..
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Social Networking Learning in Retirement
.. content 34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands People care more about how their social graph ranks products and services than how Google ranks them 78% of consumers trust peer reco..
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Social Engineering The Manipulation of People
.. on the telephone unless you know who you are dealing with and why. Additionally, make sure you are in a secure environment: that's the key to help you avoid any type of attack. We can fight Socia..
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.. 9/11 Al- Qaeda Network. Build a grass roots political campaign. Determine influential journalists and analysts in the IT industry. Map executive's personal network based on email flows. Discover ..
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