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"Stock Valuation 2 208 97 Basic Corporate Finance"


Stock Valuation 2-208-97 Basic Corporate Finance

Stock Valuation 2-208-97 Basic Corporate Finance Albert Lee Chun Lecture 4 Overview of Corporate Finance (Ch.1) Time Value of Money and Discounting (Ch 5, Ch 6) Interest Rates and Bond Valuation (Ch..
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to Corporate Finance What is finance?
.. financing should be used? If a firm has $200 million of cash flow, but needs reinvest $120 million, what should be done with the remaining $80 million of cash. Pay it out as a dividend or repurch..
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Fundamentals of Valuation P.V. Viswanath Partly based on ..
.. in the future cash flows (Higher Risk =>Higher Discount Rate) Rate Terminology Interest rate exchange rate between earlier money and later money (normally the later money is certain). Discount Ra..
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Learning Objectives - The basic features of different ..
.. Supply periodic financial statements Maintain certain ratios Negative covenants not to do Restricts the amount of debt the firm can take on Prevents the firm from acquiring or disposing of assets..
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to Corporate Finance Every decision that a business makes ..
to Corporate Finance Every decision that a business makes has financial implications, and any decision which affects the finances of a business is a corporate finance decision. Defined broadly, ever..
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Financial Statements, Taxes & Cash Flow
.. of the firm. Assets are listed at historical costs less accumulated depreciation this may bear little resemblance to what they could actually be sold for today. The balance sheet also does not in..
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Interest Rates and Bond Valuation
.. Basis) Settlement and maturity need to be actual dates The redemption and Pr need to given as % of par value Click on the Excel icon for an example Differences Between Debt and Equity Debt Not an..
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Stock & Bond Valuation
.. to Maturity (YTM) is the rate of return investors earn if they buy the bond at and hold it until maturity. The YTM on a bond selling at par ( Par ) will always equal the coupon interest rate. Whe..
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Discounted Cash Flow Valuation: The Inputs
.. end? When will the equity risk premium stop climbing? Notice The effect of 9/11 on implied premiums The corrosive effect of accounting scandals at Enron, Global Crossing and Worldcom on equity ri..
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The Investment Principle: Risk and Return Models
.. dominant investment, with a higher expected return and a lower standard deviation. The variance of a portfolio As you combine Disney and Aracruz in a portfolio, the variance declines (because the..
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FINANCE 1. Professor Andr Farber
.. creation if M/B > 1 2. Compare return on equity to the opportunity cost of equity Value creation if ROE > Opportunity Cost of Equity M/B vs ROE Simplifying assumptions: Expected net income income..
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Interest Rates and Bond Valuation
.. with principal and interest in arrears Treasury Securities Federal government debt T-bills pure discount securities with original maturity of one year or less T-notes coupon debt with original ma..
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.. on a quoted rate of 6 percent. The effective monthly interest rate is: To calculate the monthly payment, we take the $200,000 borrowed as the present value of the annuity of payments required to ..
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Corporate Finance Everything ..
.. Time Mutually exclusive projects: Different lives same risk Use NPV-assumes replacement projects have zero NPV. OK for projects with long lives Use NPV-with specific replacements that make projec..
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Finding the Right Financing Mix: The Capital Structure ..
.. long-term survival 3. Maintain Predictable Source of Funds 4.05 4. Maximize Stock Price 3.99 5. Maintain financial independence 3.88 6. Maintain high debt rating 3.56 7. Maintain comparability wi..
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to Bonds Description and Pricing P.V. Viswanath
.. discretion payment priority at liquidation is below all bonds. It resembles debt because: Dividend amounts are fixed, and potentially adjustable like coupon payments. Credit Risk Corporate bonds ..
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Project Finance - Professor Pierre Hillion
.. 100, the debt is worth its face value of 30 and the equity is worth 70. There is no possibility of default. Corporate financed investment Assets are reduced by 5 in both states of the world. The ..
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Lecture 5 & 6 Security Valuation Corporate Finance
.. as a percentage of earnings. is th Return on Equity (ROE) note that: in the special case that Change in Working Capital is zero: EPS = Would be Free Cash Flow to equity if Net Investment were zer..
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Valuation of Alcoa
.. 0.71 0.39 Most aggressive growth strategy in the industry (builds on high competency and technology) In alumina low-cost brownfield projects (refining projects will increase the existing base wit..
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Bond valuation Zero coupon bond valuation and to interest ..
.. = 6.00/(0.14 0.07) = $85.7143 Step 2: V = V /(1+k) = 85.7143/(1+0.14) $9.24 The stock is forecasted to be worth $85.71 per share exactly 17 years from today (t=17). Today's PV of this year 17 val..
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Finance Theory II (15.402) CORPORATE FINANCE
.. assume the firm raises cash through debt or equity offerings (in Wilson, assume if is from the Bank) Pro Forma Statements Use financial ratios to help inform project Look at trends through time t..
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