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"Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy"


Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) Jeanne Bonner PHYS 275 November 26, 2007 Outline What is SERS? What is Raman Scattering? How does SERS work? What information is obtained using SERS? Why u..
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Detection of Preterm Labor with Raman Spectroscopy
Detection of Preterm Labor with Raman Spectroscopy
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Surface Engineering NANO54
.. Enhanced CVD MO-CVD => Metal Organic CVD Plasma Polymerization MO-CVD Process Metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE), also known as organometallic vapour phase epitaxy (OMVPE) metalorganic che..
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Biomarker Detection Using Mass Spectroscopy
.. the load coil Intense electromagnetic field High voltage spark produces free electrons Free electrons get acceleration by the RF field Collision and ionization of Argon ICP forms at the open end ..
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Imaging Spectroscopy Imaging Spectroscopy is the ..
.. broom" fashion), producing 614 pixels for the 224 detectors each scan. The pixel size and swath width of the AVIRIS data depend on the altitude from which the data is collected. When collected by..
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William Kou Jonathan Mertz
.. As opposed to a porous surface or fabric DART- (Direct Analysis in Real Time) Shoots a beam of charged metastable gas, such as helium or nitrogen This beam then collides with the sample, desorbin..
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Prediction of Martian Surface Neutron Environment
.. spacecraft, namely the Mars 5 with gamma-ray spectroscopy, and from landers at the various landing sites, namely Viking Lander 1, Viling Lander 2 Phobos 2 Mars Pathfinder missions. The adopted Ma..
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High-Resolution Near-Field Optical Spectroscopy
.. factor for fluorescence signal I think it is useful to consider the transitions rates involved the excitation rate is enhanced by the enhanced excitation field, this it the first part the tip wil..
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Speaker's Biography Name
Speaker's Biography Name: Tom Peters Title: Senior Applications Engineer Company: Qualmark Corp Years of ASTR service: 5 Credentials: Attended Idaho State University and North Idaho college. Graduat..
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Amorphous Semiconductor: Applications and Characterization
.. imaging technologies Issues Material selection: - good glass former (fiber, DVD) - minimal aging effect (life time of device). - minimal internal stress - optical and electrical properties Theory..
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All of these, known collectively as the electromagnetic ..
.. incoming light is called Rayleigh scattering Light that is scattered due to vibrations in molecules is called Raman scattering Components of Optical Instruments A stable source of radiant energy ..
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Photoreflectance of Semiconductors Overview
Photoreflectance of Semiconductors Overview Important Semiconductor Properties Atomic Energy levels between electrons The Fermi Energy Level lies halfway between the source of the electrons and thei..
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Mulliken Labels for Representations
.. Ligand Group Orbitals (LGOs) suitable for -bonding? 3)What are the rough shapes of the LGOs? 4) What central atom orbitals are suitable for bonding with LGOs? -Bonding in M-C bonds of [M(CN) 5 2-..
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Comparison of two ALS-450 Algorithms
.. day. K for our system decreased from 0.17 when new (Aug 2009) to 0.11 in Aug 2010 when the laser quit. It is in for repair at this point. So we view K as a measure of system health. No power moni..
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REFERENCES from Barry Master's
.. 1996 Optical Low-Coherence Reflectometry and Tomography (Editor, Barry R. Masters), Milestone Series MS 165, SPIE Optical Engineering Press, Bellingham, WA, 2000 Multiphoton Excitation Microscopy..
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Lecture: Forensic Evidence
.. causing it fire uncontrollably. The neuron swells and eventually bursts. The damage cascades to nearby neurons because the damaged and ruptured neurons release their glutamate and other excitator..
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The Composition of the Universe Imagine Life Cycle Poster ..
.. Sun, and use them to determine relative abundance in distant stars. However, because other stars are much dimmer than the Sun, fewer spectral lines, and therefore fewer elements, can be measured...
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Overview on Metabolomics Josephine Linke
.. in pharmaceutical R & D John C.Lindon, Elaine Holmes and Jeremy K.Nicholson Wikipedia search on Metabolomics Metabolomics Basics : What is Metabolomics? - Thermo Scientific, www.thermo.com A meta..
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Selenium Distributions in Kanawha Formation Rocks from ..
Selenium Distributions in Kanawha Formation Rocks from Boone County, West Virginia Two topics Distribution in rock cores - stratigraphy Mode of occurrence in rocks WVGES, 2002 (coals only) Distribut..
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Biodegradable Polymers: Chemistry, Degradation and ..
.. weight loss Surface erosion (poly(ortho)esters and polyanhydrides) Sample is eroded from the surface Mass loss is faster than the ingress of water into the bulk Bulk degradation (PLA,PGA,PLGA, PC..
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