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"Synchronization in Distributed Systems"


Synchronization in Distributed Systems

Synchronization in Distributed Systems (Slides include materials from Operating System Concepts 7 th ed., by Silbershatz, Galvin, & Gagne, Distributed Systems: Principles & Paradigms 2 nd ed. By Tan..
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Synchronization in Distributed Systems
Synchronization in Distributed Systems CS-4513 D-Term 2007 (Slides include materials from Operating System Concepts 7 th ed., by Silbershatz, Galvin, & Gagne, Modern Operating Systems 2 nd ed., by T..
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Process Synchronization all
.. code would execute without preemption Generally too inefficient on multiprocessor systems Operating systems using this not broadly scalable Modern machines provide special atomic hardware instruc..
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Synchronization Why Synchronize? Often important to
.. and B is the event of the same message being received by another process then A happens-before B is also true. (Note that a message cannot be received before it is sent, since it takes a finite, ..
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Memory-Management Strategies
.. memory images Roll out, roll in swapping variant used for priority-based scheduling algorithms; lower-priority process is swapped out so higher-priority process can be loaded and executed Major p..
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Reliable Data Delivery
.. Receiver may wait forever to receive opening RESET or next valid packet Receiver RDDP Features 2-Dword header. Programmable parameters sliding window size, timeouts, and retries. 8 Bit CRC. Space..
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Synchronization Most of the lecture notes are based on ..
.. P: calculate P = C(P) C(S) send to S S: receive all s compute an average to client P P: apply to C(P) The Berkeley Algorithm The time daemon asks all the other machines for their clock values The..
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Clock Synchronization Accurate reliable time is necessary ..
.. is faulty, corresponding to the 2 processes on either side of the other 2 processes in the triangle. A contradiction is shown in the end. This case can be generalized for more than 3 processes, a..
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WSN Time Synchronization
.. packet record the time when they received it These nodes then exchange this time information and use this info. for time synch. Time synch Protocol for Sensor Networks (TPSN) [2] Nodes of the WSN..
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GFS: The Google File System
.. between master and chunkservers Client asks server for primary and secondary replicas for each chunk Client sends data to replicas in daisy chain Pipelined: each replica forwards as it receives T..
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Distributed Systems
.. each value into the marshalled representation. Complex Data Structures Marshalling: Disassembles a data Structure into transmittable form Unmarshalling: Reassemble the complex data structure 2.15..
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Synchronization Part 1 REK's adaptation of Claypool's ..
.. new local time is set as the average of the value received from all other machines. A slightly more sophisticated algorithm Discard the m highest and m lowest to reduce the effect of a set of fau..
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Risks in Anonymous Distributed Computing Systems
.. others, e.g. DoS, cracking. Accountability Knowing identity of client Confidentiality Payment Invalid results IPSec Provides encryption and authentication end-to-end. Guards against interception ..
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Concurrent Real-Time Programming Java
.. engineering system = EMBEDDED COMPUTER SYSTEM 99% of all processors are for the embedded systems market Terminology Hard real-time systems where it is absolutely imperative that responses occur w..
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Structuring Systems Requirements: Use Case Description and ..
.. function of the use case Precondition conditions that must be satisfied in order to execute the use case Minimal guarantee outputs that can be expected if the service attempt failed Success guara..
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Midterm Review CS 230 Distributed Systems
.. the two changes A view change acts as a barrier across which no multicast can pass Does not constrain the behavior of faulty or isolated processes Faults and Partitions When detecting a processor..
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IT-606 Embedded Systems
.. Special care for events with different values Absence of events Synchronous execution is powerful Since signal emission is simultaneous, absence of signals can be tested! Absence of a message can..
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System Software: Operating Systems and Utilities
.. Encryption programs are used to secure e-mail messages and files that are sent over the Internet or other networks; can also be used with individual files stored on a hard drive. Network and Inte..
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Embedded Systems Courses at RIT
.. and communication bottlenecks Item Unit Cost Development PC's $1300 Video convertors $200 Diamond Systems PC104 Targets 1270 Ilogix Rhapsody (20 licenses) 800 Digilent FPGA boards 115 Ultrasound ..
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Computer Networks Administrative
.. Datagram Packet Switching Virtual-Circuit Packet Switching Hybrid of circuit switching and packet switching Data is transmitted as packets All packets from one packet stream are sent along a pre-..
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