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"WHO Partograph For Beginner"


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WHO Partograph For Beginner [Get PPT]
WHO Partograph For Beginner Dr Muhammad El Hennawy Ob/gyn specialist Rass el barr central hospital and dumyat specialised hospital Dumyatt EGYPT www.mmhennawy.8k.com Partograph A partograph is a gra..
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Psychogenic Infertility [Get PPT]
.. suppression of the menstrual cycle, and this is often seen in female marathon runners, who develop "runner's amenorrhea". In less severe cases, it could cause anovulation or irregular menstrual c..
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.. present at the birth? What equipment do she need? What happens after the birth? In theory any pregnant woman has the right to give birth at home In practice you may encounter obstacles. If you ha..
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Female Raynaud's Syndrome [Get PPT]
.. a slow recovery when warmed, taking 15 to 45 min to pass through the stages of cyanosis and redness back to a normal colour. Pain in the digits is not a usual feature but may occur, particularly ..
pages: 51   size: 235KB    md5: 8baa89b0996f651b090d79e19906ffe6    
Pica In Pregnancy [Get PPT]
.. history of pica in their family - under the age of 20 - have suffered from pica as a child Causes While the exact cause for pica is still uncertain theories include: Nutritional Deficiency One of..
pages: 17   size: 590KB    md5: fb55b143df3eafa191f3d70a51832f67    
Cesarean simplified technique Silent Knife [Get PPT]
.. healing Membranes are ruptured by toothed or Kocher s forceps DELIVERY OF THE BABY To deliver the baby, place one hand inside the uterine cavity between the uterus and the baby s head. With the f..

pages: 89   size: 1.4MB    md5: 3faf1223d9bd0c471413e6ac16b73aa8    
To Tell Or Not To Tell ?! Boy Or Girl ?! [Get PPT]
.. of obese women also makes it harder to see the fetus clearly Gestational age when there is insufficient fluid surrounding the genitalia (as is often the case later on in a pregnancy) Modern/updat..
pages: 17   size: 730KB    md5: 824133a155060035bd2d29d76573ba24    
Does the Ovum select her gender? [Get PPT]
.. Muriquis monkeys, mothers-to-be are able to modify vaginal electric potential in order to promote fertilisation of the ovule by male or female spermatozoa according to need to preserve the male/f..
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.. transabdominal cervicoisthmic approach or Uterosacral cardinal ligament cerclage is sometimes used For example, if the cervix is very short or lacerated, a Shirodkar cerclage may be technically e..
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The hypothalamic-pituitary endocrine system [Get PPT]
.. continue to dominate clinical use for ovarian stimulation prior to IVF. Stimulation of follicle development with FSH preparation of differing half-lives (t1/2) to achieve ovulation of a single fo..
pages: 67   size: 6.5MB    md5: 11d4407f2bfc3fb4bfe80c512edc5b39    
Amniotic Band Syndrome ABS [Get PPT]
.. occurs when the tissues of the lip and/or palate of a fetus don't grow together early in pregnancy. Children with clefts often don't have enough tissue in their mouths, and the tissue they do hav..
pages: 47   size: 1.2MB    md5: 7df620bdaa535bbe521a6cae65edbc53    
Cephalalgia or Headache [Get PPT]
.. headache, loss of appetite, and vomiting of bile related to excess of bile that may be accompanied by fever. Also sometimes called headache, gastric headache may overlap with biliousness, however..

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