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"Weathering Soil Mass Movements Erosion"


Weathering Soil Mass Movements Erosion

Weathering Soil, Mass Movements, Erosion Hydrolysis: Chemical weathering by reaction of water with other substances Minerals (such as feldspar, hornblende, augite) dissolve into ions and react with ..
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WEATHERING AND EROSION Objectives Describe the two major kinds of rock weathering. Identify three end products of weathering. Explain the difference between weathering, erosion, and mass wasting. De..
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Weathering and Erosion Weathering
Weathering and Erosion Weathering The breakdown do the materials of Earth's crust into smaller pieces. Physical Weathering Process by which rocks are broken down into smaller pieces by external cond..
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Wea thering and Erosion
.. sediments can be moved by wind or water and the large rock sections by gravity. Wind Abrasion Wind and Water Abrasion Plant Growth As plants such as trees send out root systems, the fine roots fi..
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Weathering and Erosion Weathering the physical breakdown ..
.. dead due to acid rain. This also kills many aquatic species - fish and amphibians. Why is the marble statue so susceptible to acid rain? Think about it then click here for the answer. What affect..
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Soil: the foundation for agriculture
.. pH Soil color = indicates its composition and fertility black or dark brown = rich in organic matter pale gray or white = indicates leaching Soil texture = determined by the size of particles fro..
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Soil: the foundation for agriculture
.. pH Soil color = indicates its composition and fertility black or dark brown = rich in organic matter pale gray or white = indicates leaching Soil texture = determined by the size of particles fro..
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This lecture will help you understand: The relationship ..
.. hold cations, preventing them from leaching, thereby increasing their availability to plants A useful measure of soil fertility Greatest in fine soils Regional differences in soils affect agricul..
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Weathering, Erosion and Deposition
Weathering, Erosion and Deposition BY: BRIANNA SHIELDS DO NOW How are igneous rocks made? When rocks are pushed into the mantle, what do they become? Where do sedimentary rocks typically form? Weath..
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EROSION- The transport of weathered materials
.. rolled along during heavy stream flow events. Differential Erosion In this picture, which layers are being eroded to cause undermining? Kaaterskill Falls PARTICLE SIZE vs. VELOCITY Different size..
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Weathering, Mass Movement, & Landslides
Weathering, Mass Movement, & Landslides Presented by Dr. Sridhar Anandakrishnan The Pennsylvania State University Classification of Mass Wasting Breakdown water Gasses temperatures organisms Pressur..
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Hal Himmelsten Television Myth American Mind
.. is sexy and beautiful, while old is ugly and obsolete. Your duty, especially as a woman, is to stay young at all costs because you are not worth as much when you are old. This theme is celebrated..
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Weathering and Erosion By
.. Scrapes away landforms Makes new landforms through deposition (dunes) Grand Canyon (W. U.S.) North Africa Asia Australia NW China Southern S. America Running Water Drags rocks along in water, cut..
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Landforms or What goes up must come down
.. faster than they're going up Mechanical weathering breaks rocks into smaller pieces Frost action Salt crystals Roots Exfoliation Rock chemistry does not change Chemical weathering changes the che..
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Desertification: is the process by which land becomes desert
.. in this dry area and give food even in times of need. There are 250,000 known plant species in the world, but only 20 of them provide 90% of our food so the Eden Foundation grow underexploited, e..
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Geography Glossary Based on: www.geographic.org
.. the result of compression. Folding: The deformation of rock layers because of compressive forces to form folds. Food Chain: Movement of energy through the trophic levels of organisms. In most eco..
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The Last People Alive Pitcairn and Henderson Islands
.. of canoes caused a decline in fishing and trade between islands Deforestation also caused soil erosion and extinction of other plants and animals Fighting broke out over the few available resourc..
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Environmental Chemistry C Focus on Soil
.. pore size in porosity measurements Parts per notation is a measure of concentration Students need to be able to convert from one type of concentration to another pph = parts per hundred = % ppm =..
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How to Use This Presentation Section 1 Determining Relative ..
.. may be found in fossil collections around the world. Nodules are rarely around or oblong. Nodules are usually composed of cemented sediments. Nodules are rarely found outside of Illinois. Nodules..
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Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, ..
.. Woody species age class distribution Which age classes of woody species are present is an important indication of the health of a riparian area. Just as a herd of only mature cows is not desirabl..
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