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Marketing of Ecotourism: Global Eco Meet [Get PPT]
Prithvi 2005 Global Eco Meet Marketing of Ecotourism products Ecolodges, hotels, resorts, inbound tour operators, hospitality organisations What is Marketing Marketing is not just selling & advertis..
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Trends in Tourism Country\Month [Get PPT]
Trends in Tourism Country\Month 2005 2004 2005/2004 2003 2005/2003 Brunei Darussalam 127,142 118,863 6.51 944,130 -643 Cambodia 1,421,615 1,055,202 25.77 701,014 51 Indonesia* 5,002,101 5,294,380 (5..

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Improving Ecological Efficiency [Get PPT]
.. of a system emerge from the interaction of its elements and are distinct from their properties as separate pieces. The behavior of the system results from the interaction of the elements and betw..
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Global Business Today [Get PPT]
.. proposes EU legislation, implements it, and monitors compliance European Council - the ultimate controlling authority within the EU European Parliament - debates legislation proposed by the commi..
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Eco-benefits of Growth Promoting Pharmaceuticals [Get PPT]
.. . . . by far the largest share of emissions come from more extensive systems. The most promising approach for reducing methane emissions from livestock is by improving [productivity and efficienc..
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World Investment Report 2010 [Get PPT]
.. from the global crisis. Outflows from offshore financial centres represented more than 70% of the region's total. The British Virgin Islands was the largest outward investor with $27 billion, fol..
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Climate Change What is climate change? Weather changes all .. [Get PPT]
.. glacial lake outburst floods caused by increased temperature and precipitation. Climate change impacts could result in significant changes in crop yield production storage distribution The net ef..
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.. will rule for 1000 years during which time the curse on earth is removed. But those things, which God before had showed by the mouth of all his prophets, that Christ should suffer, he hath so ful..
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Global Change: Ozone Depletion [Get PPT]
.. ozone depleting reduce HCFC's by 35% by 2004 in developed countries Hydrofuluorocarbons (HFC) contain: H, F, C do not deplete O3 some HFC's have a high GWP Certain chemicals within this class of ..
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MBAD 271-Strategic Management [Get PPT]
.. Customer Power 3: Substitutes 4: New Entrants 5: Supplier Power 6: Complementor Power Quality/Price Profile Quality Profile Quality Attributes Importance Weights Quality Performance Scores Taste ..
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Design for Sustainability Global warming [Get PPT]
.. the greenhouse effect or that contribute to ozone layer depletion are divided into two classes Certain substances are included in more than one class. For example, NOx is found to be toxic, acidi..
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GEF Engagement with the Private Sector [Get PPT]
.. targets, eg. Ecotourism. Loans: at concessional or market rates Equity funds: similar to traditional equity/venture capital fund where GEF cofinancing used to leverage private investment in poten..
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a forest of hope conserving the Maya Forest of Belize, .. [Get PPT]
.. of best management practices in forestry, nontimber forest products, agriculture and ecotourism Partnering with local and indigenous communities to sustainably harvest timber and xate, agricultur..
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Eco-efficiency: A Regional Strategy for Environmentally .. [Get PPT]
.. Accidents by Mode for Transport Road Congestion and Soaring Social Cost Road-centered construction deepens dependency of private passenger car, increases traffic congestion costs, and generates C..
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Religion and the Environment The Threat of Pollution [Get PPT]
.. fossil fuels (e.g. coal, oil and gas) produces carbon dioxide. This produces a barrier above the earth, like the glass in a greenhouse, heat can get in but not all can get out. Many scientists be..

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Kevin Danaher Co-Founder [Get PPT]
.. THE GREEN ECONOMY WILL CONTINUE TO GROW RAPIDLY Google's recent announcement re: hundreds of millions of $$$ into renewable energy (re/c) City and state legislation shifting toward energy efficie..
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The technology fix - Ski Dubai , United Arab Emirates [Get PPT]
.. of sustainability ( Ritchie & Crouch, 2003:44-47) Ecological sustainability Economic sustainability Socio-cultural sustainability Political (governance) sustainability Political sustainability (g..

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Renewed EU Sustainable Development Strategy [Get PPT]
.. measure (if the Eco-label meets the requirements) Benefits Reduced risk of fragmentation to the Internal Market and possible barriers to trade Reduced environmental impact from EuPs Increased sec..
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EST-200, Cultural Ecology, Review for Final [Get PPT]
EST-200, Cultural Ecology, Review for Final Ecojustice Biophysical economics Sustainable development Community based conservation work Alternative livelihoods for rural residents Parks - natural pro..
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Production and Lifestyles Presented by [Get PPT]
.. the Sunshine Energy green power program Southwest Florida Companies doing their part Ted's Montana Grill: In Estero, FL Eco-friendly restaurant 99% plastic free goal Paper menus and straws (not p..
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