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Achieving a Safety Culture in Aviation

Achieving a Safety Culture in Aviation Patrick Hudson Leiden University Aviation Safety Management Aviation has traditionally been managed from on high Regulations (SARPs) have been classic prescrip..
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School of Aviation Safety
School of Aviation Safety Aviation Safety Officer Course Subject Course Hours Aerodynamics 25 Aeromedical 5 Investigations 21 Programs 29 Psychology 24 Reporting 35 Structures 23 Admin/General 10 To..
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Patient Safety, Culture of Safety and Just Culture
.. as refusing to do a time out would merit punitive action if the patient was not harmed You want to create a open, fair and just culture Staff feel comfortable to report and discuss errors You wan..
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Charles A. Lindbergh The nose is down, the wing low, the ..
.. circadian rhythms evaluated over 500 pilot volunteers line operations, simulations, laboratory Now providing feedback to the aviation industry Alertness Management in Flight Operations Primary Ph..
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Prevention of Central Line Associated Bloodstream ..
.. patients with CLABs. CLABs Mortality = 18% ICU risk 8x >non-ICU Additional $40,000 to hospital costs Hospitals absorb the costs! BIMC USA Patients in ICU with Central Line 40% 48% CLABs Rate 3.8%..
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Aviation Safety An ICAO Perspective
.. for the event. Such reports seldom depicted to any depth why events unfolded as they did to any depth. Seldom they revealed the underlying context as to how such unsafe acts might have been commi..
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General Aviation: Training for Greater Safety
General Aviation: Training for Greater Safety Our Mission Standards Fundamental Skills Flight Management Skills Training Challenges Role of Academia & U.S. NAA Vision Questions?
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.. that ORM should be implemented in the entirety of the Naval service, but the plan now is for Naval Aviation to take the lead in implementing it. This plan is a low cost - high payoff solution tha..
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Group Dynamics in Aviation
.. and lore are passed down through the corporate memory with (perhaps) embellishment The squadron reputation bonds and motivates the members and boosts morale (ex. jet vs. helo slow movers ; fighte..
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Human Factors: What's it mean?
.. B757 21DEC95 Classic case of human error complicated by sleep deprivation. Programmed autopilot to lock on to Romeo beacon instead of Rozo. Caused slow turn into a mountain. 150 killed. Cockpit v..
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THE CULTURE OF INCARCERATION Working with Justice-Involved ..
.. while they are incarcerated Prison diminishes the life management and daily decision-making skills needed for independent living Prison is especially traumatic Preyed upon by other prisoners Inti..
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December 14, 2010 INTRODUCTIONS John Swaney, Chief Pilot, ..
.. countries implement SMS for operators and maintenance organizations. November 18, 2010 deadline has come and gone. FAA: No current regulatory mandate for air carriers or other operators. FAA NPRM..
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Instituting Safety Culture Transportation System Parallel ..
.. cell phone use is endemic ~1 football field at 60 mph Accountability Instead of auto no fault , use airline and nuke model: zero accidents are the goal and people accountable for harm done Long-t..
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Aviation and the Environment The Role of General Aviation
.. to make repairs and upgrades to existing facilities and equipment, and provide for high-priority safety-related systems. NextGen technology will allow more aircraft and routes to be determined wi..
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.. end of the card lefts up and points the compass north as it tries to seek mag north and vice versa whenslowing down. LAGS NORTH/LEADS SOUTH If you are on a northerly heading and turn East or West..
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.. metrics within this milestone: Technical development risk Implementation risk Fatal accident rate Safety benefit/costs Projected impact of safety risk Aviation Safety Risk Assessment Previous Met..
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Safety Brief March 2010
.. 2010 Edition available at: http://members.gocivilairpatrol.com/safety/the_sentinel_newsletter.cfm FAA Wings Program Every CAP pilot should participate in the FAA Wings Safety Program It's easy, g..
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Creating Safe and Orderly Schools
.. behavior infractions while overlooking underlying causes Failure to respond to early indicators of serious behavior problems Preventative School values and norms are clearly articulated and activ..
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Safety Meeting Best Practices This pyramid is nothing more ..
.. lives, from emergency communication to picking products from a grocery shelf. It sometimes seems people have no idea what to do with a spare moment other than make a cell phone call. Whether you ..
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IMPLEMENTATION Shift Towards a Culture of Safety
IMPLEMENTATION Shift Towards a Culture of Safety TeamSTEPPS Action Planning At-A-Glance Exercise: TeamSTEPPS Action Planning Develop an Action Plan for how to achieve goals Plan what you want to do ..
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