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Benefits Open Enrollment 2008 [Get PPT]
Benefits Open Enrollment 2008 Monday, October 6 - Friday, November 7 at 5:00pm It's time for the University of Georgia open enrollment period! In this presentation, you'll receive a brief overview o..
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Blue Springs School District [Get PPT]
Blue Springs School District Tri-Star Systems FSA / Colonial Life Annual Enrollment: April 7 - May 30, 2012 Tri-Star Systems Flexible Spending Accounts Flexible Spending Accounts Health Care Reimbur..
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2003 Open Enrollment Benefits Presentation [Get PPT]
.. Driving Increase in Cost for City Increasing Medical costs Increase in our Claims Experience Low Reserve Level because of Several Catastrophic Claims Projected increase in cost of claims for 2003..
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2010 Medical Benefits Choice POS II Plan (PPO) [Get PPT]
2010 Medical Benefits Choice POS II Plan (PPO) Aetna Health Fund (HRA) Plan Dental PPO DMO Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Consumer Tools Questions and Answers Fund covers your out of pocket medica..

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2011 TechSelect Open Enrollment [Get PPT]
.. from JP Morgan Chase ATM withdrawal Online Electronic Transfer Current HSA employee contributions will not automatically continue into 2011 (must elect through online enrollment) HuskyCare HSA Mi..
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Enrollment Guide for Continuing Students [Get PPT]
.. The ESTIMATED award for financial assistance will appear on your Schedule/Bill. Prepare to pay the difference between tuition and fee charges and your estimated financial assistance (aid, grants,..

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Idaho District Contact Information [Get PPT]
.. # 5 where they attend classes all day every Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday. On week 10, the week of September 2 nd Monday was a vacation day for the Labor Day holiday and on Tuesday all..

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Located at http://www.sde.idaho.gov/idci/default.asp [Get PPT]
.. 33-1003A) A homebound student is any student who would normally and regularly attend school, but due to illness or accident that necessitates an absence from school for more than ten (10) consecu..

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Spreadsheet Models for Program Enrollment Planning [Get PPT]
.. file is new , as opposed to open Using a template (.xlt) instead of a normal excel file (.xls) prevents corruption of this template by not allowing saved changes LookUp function in Excel to popul..
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2009 TechSelect Open Enrollment [Get PPT]
.. taxable to employee Single: $750/yr $500 deposited January 1 st 2009 $250 deposited July 1 Family: $1,500/yr $1,000 deposited January 1 $500 deposited July 1 Employee Contributions Pre-taxed cont..
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Logging in to Enhanced WebAssign [Get PPT]
.. Links to relevant textbook pages to support the problem they are working on Practice IT Interactive examples and similar drill problems (available in Developmental Math Only) Watch It Videos of W..

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Using Free and Open Source Software [Get PPT]
.. management system Very popular Course Management System all around the world Very large and active online community support Good range of features May need IT support as it is installed on a serv..
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Mike or Jason will open the seminar [Get PPT]
.. of pocket costs (deductibles, coinsurance, etc.) The Intermediate Plan Middle ground between Enhanced Plan and Basic The Basic Plan Lowest premium cost to retirees, highest out of pocket costs (d..
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Overview of the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program [Get PPT]
.. Provide Implementation Coordinators with Bulletin offer for actives March 2002: - Early Enrollment Program goes live: March 25 April 2002: - 2nd Bulletin released: Theme #2: You're Not Covered - ..
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Marketing Medicare Advantage Part Plans [Get PPT]
.. Individuals who have both Medicare and Medi-Cal can switch plans every month Open Enrollment Period (OEP) Cannot drop Part D coverage, or pick up Part D coverage during the OEP Options to change ..

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Ben Admin -Why Bother? [Get PPT]
.. Vision and Life Temporary reassignment to MPP for 3 months Duration for R09 and MPP no longer met life benefit is cancelled. The Vision coverage continues. Ben Admin will process the change in CB..

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Welcome! HR Forum November 9, 2005 [Get PPT]
.. (PDP) and Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans which are independent entities throughout the country PDP's are stand-alone drug plans that add coverage to current Medicare benefits MA's are integrated p..
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H.S.A. Information H.S.A. RX Benefits Generic $10 - 30 Day .. [Get PPT]
.. no more than 63 day break in coverage Access to PHCS/Multiplan network when outside Mercy service area phcs.com or multiplan.com Deductibles incurred from Oct. 10 Dec. 10 will be carried forward ..
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Health Care Challenges & Opportunities [Get PPT]
.. Health coach. The remaining $50 will be deposited into their RMA after participation in the program for at least 12 months and upon completing four Coaching calls. Gordian does not have a network..
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Challenges and Opportunities Facing Rural Community Colleges [Get PPT]
.. Leadership Simplified What is an employee's first reaction to any decision that you make? WIIFM: What's in it for me? Think about this BEFORE you make a decision The most effective thing you can ..

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