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Driving and Epilepsy The IBE Perspective

Driving and Epilepsy The IBE Perspective Mike Glynn, IBE President 12th Epilepsy and Society European Conference Porto August 2010 Epilepsy and Driving in Europe Good afternoon everybody. My thanks ..
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.. Receives sensory signals from the spinal cord and sends them to other parts of the forebrain. Every sense except smell. Hypothalamus Maybe most important structure in the brain. Controls and regu..
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.. (1996) and O'Donoghue (1999) studies were GP based, postal surveys (supplemented by GP records). Both studies used HADS. The incidence of psychiatric disorder, in particular depression, in patien..
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Sociology of Health and Illness
.. a violent possession by malevolent or even divine forces. Empedocles (ancient Greece) a blocking of veins in the head due to an excess of Phlegm. Early part of the 20th century epilepsy linked wi..
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Older Adults: Why Bother They're Gonna Die Anyway!
Older Adults: Why Bother They're Gonna Die Anyway! Carol S. D'Agostino LCSW, MA, BCD, CASAC Robert Wood Johnson Fellow (Developing Leadership in Reducing Substance Abuse) But in escaping from the ol..
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VIVACE an example of good practice
.. not duplicating full time education Modest Teaching young offenders, families in difficult economic and social situations, people with learning or physical disabilities and those living in isolat..
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Educational Needs and Services for Children with Epilepsy
.. Neglect / Inattention Visual-Motor Apraxia Sensory Integration Assistive Technology Gross-Motor - PT Other Areas of Neuropsychological Evaluation Attention and Concentration (In 1:1 structured te..
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B. Wayne Blount, MD, MPH
.. my sink. and he says, Go ahead. Causes of Smell Disorders (Name some of them) Age Decreased smell occurs in the normal elderly The greatest correlation with olfactory decline More severe in men t..
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Clinical/Counseling Psychology
.. and after the attack, as well as what was going on in the environment (either reinforcers or associations sometimes called triggers ) before, during & after. Then the therapist works with the cli..
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Acquired Brain Injury
.. Work around it. Client does not follow though *What does the NP data tell you how you could change your approach ? Client does not follow through * Have you ruled out memory problems ? * Have you..
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Indexing with the AIRS/211 LA County Taxonomy
.. 5 term. Consistent Indexing within a Branch Within a given branch, you should only at a single level in order to avoid double-indexing. It's up to you to decide what level to choose, but once t..
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Contemporary Clinical Psychology
.. Major Theoretical Models in Clinical Psychology Psychodynamic Approach Cognitive-Behavioral Approach Humanistic Approach Family Systems Approach Alternatives to the Behavioral Approach Cognitive ..
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ADHD and Behavioural Problems
.. of boys 2% of girls (Offord 1989) Delinquency Prevalence ONS-1980's- 3% 10-16 yr olds cautioned or sentenced in any year But this may not reflect rates of CD Delinquency Development over time Agg..
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Cochlear Implants and Definitions of Disease
.. treatment, if the disability would have a substantial effect on the individual's ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities without the medication or medical treatment This rule does not e..
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Interventions for Sleeping Problems in Children with Autism ..
.. is going to sleep at a more age-appropriate time (approximately 8 PM). When George wakes up at night, dad will no longer rock him back to sleep. He will ignore G until he goes back to sleep by hi..
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Before you come to the Session Make a list of YOUR ..
.. interactions with specific med DMPA best choice as may positively impact seizure threshhold Asthma CHM no known adverse effect May positively impact asthma attacks co-existing cont'd BMI Obesity ..
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Jocelyn Sloan President
.. and accepting other people's ideas Great difficulty understanding the emotions of others and in themselves Do not have experience with complexities of social situations Often withdraw into their ..
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Looking to the Future Implications related to the use of ..
.. of adults with learning disabilities Seventh Report, HMSO, London. Janicki, M, Dalton, A, (1999), Dementia, Aging, and Intellectual Disabilities: A Handbook Routledge, New York. Kerr, D, (2007), ..
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Lecture 11 Eugenics and Genetics
.. delay, abstention are what this second-best (and, perhaps, only) wisdom dictates with respect to the technology for human engineering . We must all get used to the idea that biomedical technology..
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Fundamental Concepts in Developing Biochemically ..
.. been implicated in lowering testosterone in men, increasing insulin resistance and causing an increase in male waist circumference. Stahlhut, R., E. Wijngaarden, et al. (2007). "Concentrations of..
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